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Around the globe, belief grows that our Earth is actually a flat, disc shaped, stationary world, covered by a divinely created celestial dome.  Scientific evidence to the contrary is dismissed as “fake news” and “not Biblical.” 


The belief is spreading fastest in the USA, where it is fed and nurtured by ……… 

Republicans have gamed Indiana’s voting system

Let's be honest: Hoosier Republicans have GAMED INDIANA'S VOTING SYSTEMIt stinks morally, and, unless Trump manages to destroy the federal courts first, those federal courts are going to soon jerk a legal knot in the tail of the Hoosier GOP.

Everyone knows this, and anyone denying it is lying or incredibly stupid. I spent the better part of my life as a registered and active Republican. That was when both parties had their liberal wings, before the GOP was hijacked and perverted by the Tea Party and the evangelical churches. The political party that gave us Lincoln and Eisenhower, now tries to force phony evangelical con artists, such as Trump and Pence, down our throats. I won't buy it,  and I hope YOU won't either.




Ron Nesler, an old soldier, posting from New Harmony, Indiana

Hoosier GOP has gamed the voting system. The party that once produced Lincoln and Eisenhower, now offers us con artists like Trump and Pence


Evangelical Christians

I spend a lot of time on FaceBook. I have about 2000 FB friends from all across the political spectrum. I cast my friend net widely, because I like to hear what different sorts of people are thinking. Here is a scary discovery, I made this week end. 

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