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You may have noticed gasoline prices HAVE recently dropped very low. Don’t panic! President Trump has fixed that. Trump just negotiated an agreement with Russia and Saudi Arabia, the two top oil producing nations of the world, to cut back on their daily production, and thus drive gasoline prices back up, where they belong.

It may be difficult for some dull witted liberals to understand the benefits of higher gasoline prices, so for an explanation of how higher gasoline prices will bring joy to your family, contact the office of Hoosier U,S, Senator Mike Braun. Sen Braun is Trump’s head explainer in matters of both economics and constitutional jurisprudence.

Proverbial panties taken down

Ron Reflects on the Meaning of Labor Day

Just a note to my Tea Party friends in Red State Indiana. Folks, you have had your proverbial panties taken down, by the rabble rousers. They fired you up about draining the swamp of political insiders in our government. But, every single one of President elect Trump's cabinet appointees has been a corporate or government insider, every single one. And, in those states which elected Republical state legislatures,  such as Indiana, we are already seeing the working class under viscious attack.

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