Tuesday 20th March 2018

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Yes Virginia, there is (still) an America

Tuesday night’s election results brought indications of a repudiation of Donald Trump. Among other victories, in the Old Confederacy state of Virginia, a Democratic candidate for governor defeated a Trumpoid and Trump backed Republican candidate by big numbers. I believe it was 9%. That is a big repudiation of Trumpian fascism. And, I am DELIGHTED. I just hope Democrats can keep and build the “Big Mo'” between now and November 2018.

And, something else I hope is that the cynical GOP pols, who have pretended Trump is sane and functional, go down with the Trump ship. These self serving Republicans have KNOWINGLY done things bad for America, just to float their own agenda’s. May they all be taken down in a pro America, Anti Trump tsunami.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Fewer Docile victims

I have often said, that inherited wealth/privilege is the leading cause of libertarian-ism. I will add, that ignorance of world events is the major cause of working class “conservatism.” As an aside, I don’t like using the word conservatism, because it has lost its meaning. What we call conservatism today is actually 1930’s style fascism, with which no true conservative would associate themselves. But that’s a topic for another day. Getting back to ignorance of world events, it is pretty obvious to me, that if working class people had even the least clue about…………..

Republicans have gamed Indiana’s voting system

Let's be honest: Hoosier Republicans have GAMED INDIANA'S VOTING SYSTEMIt stinks morally, and, unless Trump manages to destroy the federal courts first, those federal courts are going to soon jerk a legal knot in the tail of the Hoosier GOP.

Everyone knows this, and anyone denying it is lying or incredibly stupid. I spent the better part of my life as a registered and active Republican. That was when both parties had their liberal wings, before the GOP was hijacked and perverted by the Tea Party and the evangelical churches. The political party that gave us Lincoln and Eisenhower, now tries to force phony evangelical con artists, such as Trump and Pence, down our throats. I won't buy it,  and I hope YOU won't either.




Ron Nesler, an old soldier, posting from New Harmony, Indiana

Hoosier GOP has gamed the voting system. The party that once produced Lincoln and Eisenhower, now offers us con artists like Trump and Pence