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I was just reading the REMARKS OF STATE SENATOR JIM TOMES concerning a lawsuit by the city of Gary, Indiana against the big gun makers. The city of Gary is trying to make the big gun makers financially accountable for ………..

Where IS our well regulated militia ?

State Senator Jim Tomes talks about our US Constitution calling for a well regulated militia. And as a patriot, a war vet and a gun owner, such talk makes me want to volunteer to serve.  But, I can’t find such a well regulated militia anywhere!

I’ve tried asking Sen Tomes for  …………

smarter than me

I don’t very often think anyone is smarter than me. But, these teenage survivors of the recent Florida assault weapon slaughter are a big exception to that. These kids are mindful of the state of the world and how it works. They are thoughtful, eloquent and able. They make me ashamed of my own education and abilities. They have obviously had some advantages in life, one of which is clearly a progressive school system. All of the ones I have heard speak, clearly have superior minds and education. I envy the start they have had in life, and I admire them. Expect some Congress members, Senators and maybe a President out of this group. You heard it here first.

In only about ten days these kids have the NRA playing defense. They have forced Trump to at least blather some measure of support for gun control, not that what Trump says one day is any predictor of his actions the next. But Trump obviously fears these kids.

They have embarrassed a major international bank, First National of America,  to end a 10 year campaign of boosting NRA by issuing an NRA credit card. That support of NRA ended the day after the Parkland “kids” appeared in the CNN Town Hall.

They have made Senator Marco Rubio publicly back off from his strict NRA script, and embarrassed the hell out of Rubio on national TV for taking HEAPS of NRA money.

In less than two weeks, their newly born anti assault weapon campaign has scared the GOP enough that Trump, Limbaugh and the FOX News guys are attacking these kids.  When FOX News attacks you, you know you have done something significant and correct.

In only ten days, these kids have raised $4 million dollars to take their fight to the NRA. They are going after NRA in every state and in Washington, DC. We have had lots of mass slaughter in schools and elsewhere in this country with military weapons. Every incident has created some resistance to the financially powerful gun manufacturers. But, always before now, the NRA has owned enough politicians to stifle the public outcry. I predict this time is going to be different.  I think we are going to see some history made now, in a positive way. I salute these teenage American heroes.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana





Gun Poverty

Here is an often overlooked fact about guns and gun violence. Guns don’t just slaughter innocent people, they also destroy families in other ways.

If you live in rural Red State southern Indiana, you can look around you and see families with children in ragged clothes, living in trailers or shacks, while the father of the family is showing off thousands of dollars worth of semi automatic high caliber rifles and hand guns. I call this gun poverty, and it is caused by the huge political “campaign gifts” paid out to Hoosier politicians by the gun manufacturers, who profit off of this obscenity.

Hating Nikolas Cruz is not going to stop gun violence. Voting out politicians who are paid off by the NRA will.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana

Republicans insist, that they NEED legal assault weapons

Republicans insist, that they NEED legal assault weapons, just in case they decide to overthrow the government. My question is, if they plan to overthrow the government anyway, why in the Hell couldn’t they just go whole hog, and do it with ILLEGAL assault weapons? And, let the rest of us live in peace, in the meantime?

Jim Tomes Sultan of Hickism

tomesTHIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON 01 JAN 2016, BUT I THINK IN VIEW OF THE CURRENT POLITICAL CLIMATE IT DESERVES ANOTHER VIEWING. SO, I HAVE DUSTED IT OFF AND UPDATED IT A BIT.   There are rumors that a prominent SANE 21st century Democrat is going to run against Jim Tomes in 2018, and that would be a good step toward moving us out of the 18 century and out of the notice of national comedians.

I can finally reveal the truth, about Indiana state senator Jim Tomes. Jim Tomes is not an actual flesh and blood human being. He is a parody created by the the writers at Saturday Night Live. The intention being  to make us Hoosiers look like a bunch of dumb hicks, who have never read a book or embraced any idea originating after 1836. Jim Tomes makes laughing at Hoosiers a national pass time. Jim has never met a weapon of violence, upon whose bandwagon he was not eager to leap. The Evansville Courier and Press just today ran this tongue in cheek editorial about Jim and his gun nuttiness. 

If the name Senator Jim Tomes doesn't ring a bell for you, perhaps this will help; Jim is the Indiana state senator, who worked tirelessly for years to repeal the Indiana state law against owning, carrying or selling switch blade knives. The fruit of Jim's efforts was Senate Bill 6 in 2013 that made selling switchblade knives legal for Hoosier gun sellers. Jim stated that the law against selling switchblades is out of date, because switchblades are hardly ever used in violent crimes in Indiana any more. It seems to escape him, that this is mainly, because switchblades have been hard to get, because they have been illegal to sell, while hand guns, (thanks to the gun lobby) have been cheap and easily available everywhere. (including public schools) Jim's legislation has now insured that the violent thugs will have as easy access to switchblades, as they do to handguns.  This was a great financial boon for pawn shops, flea markets, gun shows and gun stores who sell weapons to violent thugs, but a pretty bad deal for innocent elderly citizens trying to find our cars in dark parking lots.

Among Jim's other accomplishments is his "PAY to PEE" legislation creating state "Restroom Police" in order to jail or fine gay or transgender people up to $5,000, if they perniciously try to relieve themselves in the "wrong" public restroom.  Jim of corse will be the judge of which is the 'right" or the "wrong" public facility. Jim is a Republican, and Republicans are widely held to be the top authorities on public restrooms, such as at airports and the like.

Jim was ALSO the sponsor of the bill allowing state legislators and state employees to carry guns inside the state capitol.

Right now, and this is NO joke, Jim is sponsoring a bill that would allow any level of law enforcement in Indiana to use ANY MEANS NECESSARY to clear public roads of protesters. "ANY MEANS NECESSARY" is Jim's wording not mine. Here is an Evansville Courier Press article about Jim's ANY MEANS NECESSARY anti protest bill.

I recently discussed medical cannabis for war veterans with Senator Tomes. Tomes said he could never support medical cannabis, because the cannabis "might fall into the wrong hands." This is the same guy who fought like a tiger to legalize SWITCHBLADE KNIVES in Indiana. I guess it never occurred to Senator Tomes, that switch blade knives don't NEED to "fall into the wrong hands," because that is where they start out.

Posted by Ron Nesler during a moment of lucidity in New Harmony Indiana.


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