Tuesday 20th March 2018

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Fewer Docile victims

I have often said, that inherited wealth/privilege is the leading cause of libertarian-ism. I will add, that ignorance of world events is the major cause of working class “conservatism.” As an aside, I don’t like using the word conservatism, because it has lost its meaning. What we call conservatism today is actually 1930’s style fascism, with which no true conservative would associate themselves. But that’s a topic for another day. Getting back to ignorance of world events, it is pretty obvious to me, that if working class people had even the least clue about…………..

A defense of (some) Republicans

Here is a NYT's article about some sane and helpful state health care legislation passed by MINNESOTA  REPUBLICANS. 

Here is a quote from that article: “This is the type of risk-mitigation tool that the feds defunded in an effort to sabotage Obamacare,” Mr. Lourey said.

Here are  my take aways: Health care reform is possible. I salute these patriotic Minnesota Republicans, who have placed the public good above the sort of revenge politics that we have from the Tea Party assholes in the Hoosier GOP. This is living proof, that NOT ALL Republicans everywhere are hateful, mind dead, bigoted assholes

Here is a footnote:  On the advice of my psychologist/therapist, I recently took up using the word asshole(s), when referring to people who truly ARE assholes. It is enormously therapeutic. I recommend it.

Posted from New Harmony Indiana by an old soldier named Ron Nesler

Republicans have gamed Indiana’s voting system

Let's be honest: Hoosier Republicans have GAMED INDIANA'S VOTING SYSTEMIt stinks morally, and, unless Trump manages to destroy the federal courts first, those federal courts are going to soon jerk a legal knot in the tail of the Hoosier GOP.

Everyone knows this, and anyone denying it is lying or incredibly stupid. I spent the better part of my life as a registered and active Republican. That was when both parties had their liberal wings, before the GOP was hijacked and perverted by the Tea Party and the evangelical churches. The political party that gave us Lincoln and Eisenhower, now tries to force phony evangelical con artists, such as Trump and Pence, down our throats. I won't buy it,  and I hope YOU won't either.




Ron Nesler, an old soldier, posting from New Harmony, Indiana

Hoosier GOP has gamed the voting system. The party that once produced Lincoln and Eisenhower, now offers us con artists like Trump and Pence


Destroying Indiana Public Schools

Tony Bennett was Indiana’s Republican  Superintendent of Education under Governor Mitch Daniels. Mr Bennett’s major achievement in that job was to create an A-F grading systems for Indiana’s elementary and high schools. His grading system was used to decide which Indiana schools got more or less tax money to support their operation. After he was defeated for re-election in 2012, it was discovered that Mr Bennett had flagrantly cheated in the grading of Indiana’s schools, and pressured certain state employees to go along with his crimes. The result of Mr Bennett fraudulent acts, was that more money went to a rich Republican donor who owns a chain of charter schools, and less tax money went to our suffering public schools. Under a bizarre Indiana law, private and charter schools compete for tax dollars with our public schools.  While reading this, remember that rich kids go to private and charter schools and poor kids go to public schools.

All of the above took place during the same period that the state of Indiana closed the New Harmony Public School, saying that there was no longer enough tax money to keep the school open. New Harmony’s students are now bussed to another school. This was a terrible blow to New Harmony, financially, socially and culturally.      USE THE TAB TO READ MORE