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Accepting Christianity

 I’ve always wanted the comfort of accepting Christianity, but …………………….



Dear Sen Braun, …………………………………………. 

Jesus just told me

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Jesus just told me, if you see your sisters and brothers living in a shit hole, you should give them a hand up, not a kick in the teeth. He said, I should pass this along to Republican Christian Evangelicals.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

In defense of Jesus

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

NOTE TO RADICAL CHRISTIANS: It’s your right to try to improve your own lot by harming weaker people such as immigrant children, I grant you that. But, don’t insult Jesus by dragging his name into it. Every racist, homophobic, for profit money grubber in America wants to enlist the name of Jesus to support their evil.

It doesn’t wash. If you read every word that is attributed to Jesus, nowhere did he exhort people to harm one another. And, you never know, he may be watching you! If, I were Jesus, I would sue the socks off of the radical right for defamation of character. And, maybe flog the bastards, like he did the bankers in the temple.

Turn your sound on  JESUS WAS A CAPRICORN

Ron Nesler in defense of Jesus from New Harmony, Indiana

Taking my Jesus back

Most of my life, I self identified as a Christian. I only stopped, because I was revolted at the thought of associating myself with these loonie toon evangelicals. With all of their Holy Rolling and speaking in unknown tongues and snake handling and racial and cultural hatred.

I went to Sunday School as a kid and carried a Bible along through 8 years of military service, and actually read that sucker.  I have probably read the Bible more than most of these evangelical hate mongers. I have NEVER found anything hateful attributed to Jesus in the Bible. The Jesus I read about, hung out with poor people and thieves and prostitutes, and lived simply and drank wine and never got rich or hated anybody or owned any gold crosses or Mega Churches.

The Jesus in the Bible seemed to think the central idea of his spiritual pathway was …….

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