Wednesday 26th June 2019

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Trump a stable genius

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Well, we can all relax and stop worrying about the future of America now. Trump has disclosed, that he is in fact a STABLE GENIUS.

I feel much better now. Don’t you?  I just wish he would have clarified whether or not Congressman Larry Bucshon and Roy Moore are stable geniuses too? I sometimes worry about those two.

For Trump to declare himself a stable genius is right out there in the ozone along with Richard Nixon saying he was “NOT A CROOK.”

Stop and ask yourself this, if any other world leader, declared themselves to be a stable genius, how do you think our CIA and other intelligence agencies would interpret that? Do you think they would accept it at face value? Or do you think, they would recognize it as a mentally unstable weak spot ripe for the exploitation?

Congressman Larry Bucshon and Senator Todd Young, know as well as anyone how much damage Trump is doing. Where in the Hell is their patriotism?

Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana

fringe elements drive the bus

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

In theory, all Americans are at liberty to state their opinions. Here are some of mine.

Donald Trump is amoral, anti science, nearly illiterate, and a conman. He has six bankruptcies, five children by three wives, two faces, zero knowledge of history and his lone partridge is perched in a Russian pear tree.

Trump is a childish nut, who throws tantrums. Some of the harm he is doing may be irreparable. The reason Trump gets away with it, is because he is protected by Christian evangelicals and extremist far right members of the GOP like Larry Bucshon. Neither group believes a word Trump says. Both groups know he is crazy and unstable. But, both the evangelicals and the extremist Republicans are willing see the country brought down, if it furthers their own narrow goals on tax cuts and abortion.

Both mainstream Republicans and mainstream Christians are allowing themselves to be represented by minority fringe elements. I challenge decent, law abiding, sane, patriotic Republicans and Christians to step up to the plate and repudiate this human disaster area.

Trump is now talking about nuking North Korean cities, near the Chinese border. To put this in perspective, this would be the equivalent of China nuking Tijuana, Mexico on our southern border or Toronto, Canada on our northern border. Radioactive fallout does not respect borders. I don’t expect America would tolerate such a nuclear attack on our border, and I don’t expect the Chinese, who are at least as militarily powerful as the US,  will either.


Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana


Kitticus Catticus Arattica Batticus

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Well, the Republican have passed their billionaire tax cuts. Some say this will add up to $4 trillion to the national debt over the next decade. I am no economist, but I know that cutting Medicaid to give people like Larry Bucshon and Donald Trump a tax break is on shaky moral ground. Even my moral leper of a cat agrees with me on that.

Here is what one of the billionaire beneficiaries of the Trump tax cuts has to say.


Posted by Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana


Everywhere I go, I hear people saying that 8th Dist Congressman Larry Bucshon has sold his palatial home here in southern Indiana and has moved his family to Washington DC, full time. If that's true, and I believe it is, it might mean that Larry, having put in the requisite 4 years for Congressional retirement, is about to retire from the Congress gig, with full pay and insurance coverage for life. But moving to DC? That makes you wonder. If Larry were just going to go fishing or play golf in his retirement years, why would he need to move to Washington, to do it?

I'm guessing that this means ………………… 

Proverbial panties taken down

Ron Reflects on the Meaning of Labor Day

Just a note to my Tea Party friends in Red State Indiana. Folks, you have had your proverbial panties taken down, by the rabble rousers. They fired you up about draining the swamp of political insiders in our government. But, every single one of President elect Trump's cabinet appointees has been a corporate or government insider, every single one. And, in those states which elected Republical state legislatures,  such as Indiana, we are already seeing the working class under viscious attack.

Shelton Hickerson


Ron-firs-ICON-WE$B-SITE-Cousins-PicNic-IMG_3294I would rather drink Drano or eat boiled grub worms, than to be a politician like Joe Donnelly or Larry Bucshon. Why? Because those money grubbing weasels gobble up all of the very best that America has to offer for themselves, and then have less gratitude (or testicles) than a diseased gnat.

I remember a time in America when members of Congress would stand beside their constituents,  especially constituents who had fought in a war. A good example is Frank McCloskey long time Congressman from the 8th District of Indiana. Congressman Frank McCloskey was never too busy or too self important to help a constituent or take a phone call from a war veteran. MCcloskeyb agreed with the famous Speaker of the House of Representatives Sam Rayburn, who famously said that the "most important purpose of a congressman is to bring the benefits of big government to small people."

But not these money grubbers we have in office now. These slugs are too busy counting their loot and plotting their next corporate "donation" to even take a phone call from a Hoosier war hero such as  SHELTON HICKERSON


2,4 D farm herbicide is the same chemical as Agent Orange used in chemical warfare in the US/Vietnam war.  Here is an interesting article about a recent "accident" in the local use of CHEMICAL WARFARE AGENTS IN FARMING

The use of chemical warfare agents as herbicides and pesticides in farming is epidemic in America.

The herbicide 2,4 D is sometimes called Agent Orange which is a chemical warfare agent. It is so named, because ………………….

Democrat? Or Republican? in New Harmony, Indiana

I  was just reading an article about the Republicans in the US Senate…..