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I recommend following the Face Book page of U.S. Sen Mike Braun. https://www.facebook.com/SenatorBraun/ It’s uncomplicated, but newsy. Braun tends to ……….

Minimum wage


Ron-firs-ICON-WE$B-SITE-Cousins-PicNic-IMG_3294America needs a higher minimum wage desperately. When rich Americans get their hands on money, that money goes out of circulation. The rich and the big corporations don't spend money, they hoard it and hide it. Their "take" from the local economy goes into either overseas bank accounts or other complicated schemes to avoid US taxes. This money is lost to the community where the workers generated it. And money in the hands of the rich is usually spirited out of USA as a whole. This is why Americans no longer have the highest standard of living in the world, or the best health care or the best anything for that matter. The rich are skinning us and sending our hides overseas to avoid taxes.

On the other hand, when the minimum wage is raised, everyone elses wages go up across the board at all levels of pay. And when working people get a hold of money we SPEND it. And, we spend it locally. We spend our wages close to home, taxes be damned, because we spend it to live! When wages are higher, local businesses prosper, because working people have more money to spend with those local businesses. Every week we working folks spend our pay check in our home communities. We spend it on food, shelter, medicine, clothing, school costs, local entertainment and a host of other local needs and comforts. None of the money paid out as wages to workers ends up hidden away in off shore tax havens. Money paid as wages stays in America and helps America be strong and grow stronger. When we working people spend more locally, local businesses make more profits, and they hire more local workers to take care of the increased business. Local government collects more taxes because of the increased local spending and the resulting increase in taxable property values. Your property is worth more, if your home is in a thriving and prosperous community. Locally, everyone wins, when wages increase.  The only people who have a real vested interest in keeping wages low, are America's parasite class, who want to ship all of America's wealth to Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. If you vote for political crooks who refuse to raise minimum wage, you are hurting everyone around you including yourself.

Low wages are destructive of everything that makes America great. Wake up and smell the coffee before Walmart and Wall Street steal your cat and send him to the Caymen Islands too. 





Minimum Wage is posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony Indiana


I am a very politically engaged person, interested in many issues. My three priority political issues are stopping bullying of either children or adults, insuring all earned compensation to military veterans and seeing the minimum wage raised to a real living wage level. Those three issues are important to me, and I just read a peach of an article about MAKING THE MINIMUM WAGE A LIVING WAGE.        Enjoy and learn!

Democrat? Or Republican? in New Harmony, Indiana

I  was just reading an article about the Republicans in the US Senate…..


I have worked for a living all of my life. All around the United States and all over the globe. My favorite place to live and work is right here in good old New Harmony, Indiana. I love it here in New Harmony, I like the vegetable gardening and the fishing and the good ol' Farmer's Market and the Working Men's Library and the morel mushrooms and the wild blackberries and the foraging for pecans and the good ol' friendly, good natured, country style Hoosier people here. I even like an occasional plate of Biscuits and Gravy. Living in New Harmony fits me right down to the ground.

BUT, isn't there ALWAYS a BUT?……………..

Minimum Wage in New Harmony, Indiana


About minimum wage in New Harmony, Indiana (and everywhere else, TOO!)

Democrats support higher minimum wages, because Democrats represent working people. Republicans support LOWER minimum wages, or NO minimum wage at all, because Republicans represent corporations and business owners.

I live in Indiana, a Tea Party Republican controlled state. Here in Indiana the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Washington State is a liberal Democratic state with a minimum wage of $9.19 per hour. Seattle, an ULTRA liberal Democratic city in Washington State, wants to increase the minimum wage inside their city to $15 per hour.

It boggles the mind, that ANY working class person would EVER vote for a Republican. The WHOLE idea of representative government is so that citizens may vote in their own self interest, but some how, Republicans convince many working people to vote AGAINST higher wages, better conditions and improved benefits.

Working people must wake up and smell the coffee!

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Indiana Minimum Wage

Indiana Minimum Wage

Hello, working people, here is a heads up. Even if you hate our President, you are hurting only yourself by supporting Republicans who want to keep the MINIMUM WAGE AS LOW AS POSSIBLE. 

The pay of ALL hourly employees is determined by the minimum wage laws. Low minimum wage hurts EVERYONE, except the employers, and it even hurts them in the long run, because it hurts America.


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