Tuesday 20th March 2018

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Monetized democracy and evangelical ignorance

Monetized democracy is a corrupted system, wherein citizens are forced to vote for candidates they do not respect, in an effort to protect themselves from the candidates they most fear.

On a random and only loosely related note, I am recently criticized for being discriminatory toward willfully ignorant people. Pure fiction. I love the willfully ignorant. Some of my favorite poker opponents are willfully ignorant people. I stand ready to defend the right of any person to be as ignorant as they are able.

The only problem I have with willfully ignorant people is when they start recruiting. I will never belittle anyone for their own ignorance, but when they start encouraging children and other impressionable souls to resist facts, I draw the line. Our system of government is designed to safely absorb a certain natural percentage of ignorant people. But, if the naturally ignorant start proselytizing normal ordinary people to join them in ignoring facts, history and current events, it could overwhelm our system’s capability to absorb ignorance, and bring everything crashing down.

So, if you are willfully ignorant and keep it to yourself, I love you and will try to protect you. But, at the point, where you start trying to evangelize ignorance to others, you have lost me, and I become your most determined adversary.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana