Tuesday 20th March 2018

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Hey Hey NRA!

Hey Hey NRA! 

I am an ultra liberal Democrat. I own firearms, and I support the right of other Americans to own firearms. I began hunting squirrels, rabbits, ducks and quail at age 12 with a 22 and a 12 gauge. I encourage that for kids today, and I oppose age limits on owning hunting weapons.

I own a hand gun for self protection, and I have a concealed carry permit. I support that right for other Americans.

I carried an M-16 with a 20 round magazine in Vietnam for 15 months. I understand the occasional necessity of that.

Fully automatic weapons are already against the law. I support that. And, I believe a semi automatic weapon compatible with magazines of over 10 rounds is a weapon of war, and should also be illegal for civilians.

Until a thorough and vigorous background check is complete, no one should be able to purchase any semi automatic weapon, including handguns, If that takes two weeks, I’m fine with that, it will save innocent lives.

No one with a conviction for any violent crime, especially spousal abuse, should be allowed to own or possess any semiautomatic weapon, including hand guns.

I think my ideas are sane, constitutional and in line with most Americans. The NRA doesn’t represent gun owners, military vets and hunters like me. The NRA represents gun manufacturers.

Here is a comparison between the 22 round on the left used for hunting and the AR 15 round on the right used in school shootings. Their is a penny between them to use to reference size. You may click to enlarge the pic

Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana

Without the proverbial paddle

The Republicans have had their chance. They have brought us unlimited weapons of war in our streets, open bribery of Congress members by corporations, murkiness in public business, and Donald Trump.

Small “d” democracy can’t survive like this. Either we have to change things quickly or give up and surrender to corporate fascism.

The Democratic Party with all its flaws and imperfections is the only hope we have. If American democracy is to survive, the old guard Democrats and Progressive Democrats and Democratic Socialists all have coalesce around first priority issues.

The most important first priority issue is campaign finance reform. Fix campaign finance and all of the guns and lying and corruption will go away. Fail to fix campaign finance and all is almost surely lost forever.

People who run for office under the Democratic banner have a huge moral responsibility to the nation to be as morally fit as humanly possible. You can’t campaign on reform, if your own party’s candidates are easily impugned.  Please Don’t run for office as a Democrat, if you have skeletons in your closet, blood on your hands, secret sexual infidelities in your past or your fingers in anyone else’s cookie jar.

And, if you are a voter, learn to value moral fitness over any petty policy differences. Any Democrat, whether liberal, old guard or establishment in any office in America is better right now than any Republican. If you doubt that, look out your windows.

If Democrats splinter and don’t  stick together on core principles in 2018 and 2020, we are all up the creek without a paddle.


Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana



Yes, I believe in God. I’m old, and I’ve seen a lot of things, that would make it difficult to not believe in God. The universe is seemingly endless, even though my pea brain can’t really even grasp the concept of infinite vastness. The earth is large and holds many miraculous sights. The seas are deep and mysterious and still mostly unexplored. Man creates technological marvels at a dizzying pace.  All of that argues for a creator of some sort.

Who am I, with my tarnished little flea bite of a soul and my pitiful little joke of an intellect to argue against what I see before me? I don’t do it. There is something beyond my understanding going on, and what the Hell could it be other than God?

Basically, I concede, that there is a God, and that it is not me.

That’s not much, but its enough to build my religion on. My religious practice is to make my mind stop chattering, (you might call that meditation) and then just listen for messages from the creator. I may be deceiving myself, that I am hearing the creator’s voice. It is possible, that I may be just picking up some  stray radio signals from old Jack Bennie radio programs. But, authentic or not, it makes me feel better to do this listening, and I feel like I learn some valuable ideas.

Here are SOME of the ideas, I think, I have learned by just tuning out my own brain chatter and listening.

  1. Human life is universal, we are all part of one large network, we need one another
  2. We are unequivocally the keepers of our brothers and sisters
  3. Selfish is counter productive, if you are selfish, you harm your soul
  4. True joy is found in relieving the suffering of a fellow creature.
  5. True joy is found in humility, arrogance is a poison to our souls
  6. It should go without even mentioning, that killing except in direct self defense, stealing, and infidelity, sexual or otherwise, are very bad ideas. If you practice any of these bad acts, it will come back to bite you in the ass, either now or later, and you will without fail suffer great misery for it.

That is pretty much my religion, and it feeds my spiritual needs. I ask you to note, that I have created my religion without embracing guns, racism, homophobia, or hatred or fear of anyone, no matter how different, they are from me.

I will also mention, that while I am NOT recruiting for my religion, if you did decide to join, you will NEVER be asked to give me money. That is a first principle of my church. Absolutely no donations accepted EVER. I think I have a better program on that point than either Franklin Graham or the Pope. I will never accept your money, not today, not next year, not ever.

Also, my religion is on line, has no scheduled services, and therefore won’t interfere with spending your Sundays with family and friends. You can golfing or go fishing or take the kiddos to the playground, without a speck of guilt.   🙂

Here is a book, I recently read and found inspiring. THE SORROWS OF SATAN

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana




Fine pizza or an exploding head?

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I enjoy long winter time bouts of depression and despair as much as anybody. But, I try to do all things in reasonable moderation. This past two weeks, I have had a front row seat watching corporate and government vultures picking the bones of the weak and powerless. That always puts me in a funk. Greed and bullying are two of the most depressing things I know of.

And, then to top it off, a friend, one of my favorite people on the planet, a good and witty and generous person, cashed in her chips at 46 with a massive heart attack.  I could just sit down and cry. Or twist off and break things. Or, verbally abuse some richly deserving selfish asshole.

But, I have decided to pass on all of those proven stress relievers and just order a huge take out thin crust Pizza with everything, plus extra Anchovies, from Dimaggio’s Pizza in Mt Vernon, and then sit around all evening eating pizza and washing it down with a couple of bottles of Spanish lemonade with real cane sugar, that I have squirreled away for just such a time as this.

If, you are a selfish, low rent asshole, and I do not in any way abuse you, in the next 24 hours, you can say thank you to my magnificent self restraint, DiMaggio’s Pizza and the lemonade produced by those wily Spaniards.

May all selfish, greedy, self serving sissies kiss my rosy red working class ass.

Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana



A poker tip

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I love poker, because the game of Poker doesn’t care, who your Daddy was. Poker is a great bastion of  meritocracy.

I am a pretty good poker player. Ask the little group of New Harmony Indiana Trump supporters, who tried valiantly but unsuccessfully for six years to pluck me like a chicken at the poker table. I sent those self anointed geniuses home kicking their lunch buckets and mumbling to themselves.

I know a lot about poker, and I am not selfish about giving out poker tips to anyone. Here is a free tip, right now:

If you find yourself at a poker table bemoaning the unfair nature of the universe, it is time to seek your entertainment in a different venue for awhile. Because you, sir or madame, are steaming like an 1830’s locomotive, and will get your butt kicked by cooler heads. Trust me on this. Been there, done that and paid the tariff.

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Jesus just told me

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Jesus just told me, if you see your sisters and brothers living in a shit hole, you should give them a hand up, not a kick in the teeth. He said, I should pass this along to Republican Christian Evangelicals.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

Trump a stable genius

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Well, we can all relax and stop worrying about the future of America now. Trump has disclosed, that he is in fact a STABLE GENIUS.

I feel much better now. Don’t you?  I just wish he would have clarified whether or not Congressman Larry Bucshon and Roy Moore are stable geniuses too? I sometimes worry about those two.

For Trump to declare himself a stable genius is right out there in the ozone along with Richard Nixon saying he was “NOT A CROOK.”

Stop and ask yourself this, if any other world leader, declared themselves to be a stable genius, how do you think our CIA and other intelligence agencies would interpret that? Do you think they would accept it at face value? Or do you think, they would recognize it as a mentally unstable weak spot ripe for the exploitation?

Congressman Larry Bucshon and Senator Todd Young, know as well as anyone how much damage Trump is doing. Where in the Hell is their patriotism?

Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana

cold butt problem

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I probably should be stuffed, mounted on a board and displayed in a museum. I am one of the last few Americans, who grew up using an outhouse. Until I was 13 years old, my family lived in a house with no indoor plumbing. The outhouse was in the back yard, as far from the house as possible. Which meant, it was about 50 feet from the 15 foot deep sand-point well from which my family got our drinking and cooking water. In areas with a high water table, the main problem with outhouses, (besides getting your butt cold) was that they contaminated the ground water for the poor. That was 60 years ago, so you would think we would be doing better by now. But we’re not.

Poor rural areas in Posey County have very few outhouses today. Most residents have septic tanks and indoor bathrooms. That solves the cold butt problem, but we still have the same contaminated drinking water in many of these rural areas. Much of Rural Posey County still depends on shallow sand-point water wells for drinking and cooking water. And, the septic tanks leach the raw sewage into the ground, just as close to the water wells as ever the outhouses did.

Most counties in the United States, especially the Blue states, now have modern water and sewage systems even in rural areas. But, that is just not happening in Red State Indiana. Here in Indiana, if you live in a rural area, like much of Posey County, chances are you may be drinking your own sewage.

Just before the 2016 elections, a Posey County Republican candidate for county office asked me for my vote.  This young Republican candidate swore to me, that he was a strong supporter of modern water and sewage systems for county residents. But, after that election, I have never heard from him again. He is now an office holder and in a position to get the ball rolling on modern sanitation in Posey County. He had my phone number, before the election, I will assume he misplaced it, it is 682 3740.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

fringe elements drive the bus

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

In theory, all Americans are at liberty to state their opinions. Here are some of mine.

Donald Trump is amoral, anti science, nearly illiterate, and a conman. He has six bankruptcies, five children by three wives, two faces, zero knowledge of history and his lone partridge is perched in a Russian pear tree.

Trump is a childish nut, who throws tantrums. Some of the harm he is doing may be irreparable. The reason Trump gets away with it, is because he is protected by Christian evangelicals and extremist far right members of the GOP like Larry Bucshon. Neither group believes a word Trump says. Both groups know he is crazy and unstable. But, both the evangelicals and the extremist Republicans are willing see the country brought down, if it furthers their own narrow goals on tax cuts and abortion.

Both mainstream Republicans and mainstream Christians are allowing themselves to be represented by minority fringe elements. I challenge decent, law abiding, sane, patriotic Republicans and Christians to step up to the plate and repudiate this human disaster area.

Trump is now talking about nuking North Korean cities, near the Chinese border. To put this in perspective, this would be the equivalent of China nuking Tijuana, Mexico on our southern border or Toronto, Canada on our northern border. Radioactive fallout does not respect borders. I don’t expect America would tolerate such a nuclear attack on our border, and I don’t expect the Chinese, who are at least as militarily powerful as the US,  will either.


Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana


The Good Soldier by Ford Maddox Ford

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I am 70 years old. I began to read Ernest Hemingway’s fiction, when I was about 10 years old. By the time I was 15, I had already read everything he wrote, except for the Old Man and the Sea, which I read a few years later. I got a lot of enjoyment out of Hemingway.  I recommend Hemingway to anyone who likes to read good literary fiction. The only negative, I will mention about Hemingway, is that he was brutally unfair to his contemporary fellow writers.  The word “catty” comes to mind. He was quick to take cheap shots at other writers, several of whom been very generous toward him in getting his career launched. Because of Hemingway’s disparagement of these other writers, I was slow to getting around to reading some of their work.

The example I am thinking of today is Ford Maddox Ford. Ford Maddox Ford was an established writer and editor when Hemingway first went to Europe to be a full time fiction writer. Ford was hugely helpful to Hemingway in many ways including helping him get work published and getting him a job as an editor on a literary review magazine Ford Published. Hemingway later, once he was famous, repaid Ford by writing horrible insulting things about him and making Ford a laughing stock among the Paris art and literature community.

Because, I took to heart the disparagement, that Hemingway heaped on Ford Maddox Ford, I had never until recently read any thing by Ford. But just last week, I read a novel called THE GOOD SOLDIER by Ford Maddox Ford.  The Good Soldier is not about soldiers, but rather about human passions, emotions and mental gymnastics.  A Hell of a work of fiction, and one of the best novels I have ever read. But, thanks to Hemingway, and his catty sniping at Ford Maddox Ford, I almost never read it. I really recommend the novel The Good Soldier by Ford Maddox Ford.

Here’s a bio of Ford Maddox Ford 

Here’s a Bio of Ernest Hemingway 


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“Christian” hocus pocus

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Fools and con men want you to believe that America’s founding fathers embraced the nonsensical “Christian”  hocus pocus being pushed by Roy Moore, Mike Pence and the 700 Club. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the other founders feared and reviled organized religion as much as I do.

Read Thomas Jefferson’s own words on religion in his letters to friends, including John Adams.


The Christian lunatic fringe is destroying America. If sane and reasonable Christians want respect, they have to speak out against these dangerous con men.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

nothing as destructive as lies

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

We have all seen lying destroy marriages. One spouse gets entangled in lies about spending or sexual infidelity and the next thing you know, the marriage is destroyed, with hurt feelings and devastated children lying around. There is nothing as destructive as lies. Lying to a spouse about anything is especially bad Mojo for a marriage, and usually fatal to the union.

Democracies are the same way. Democracies, like marriages, are built on truthfulness and trust, and democracies can’t survive lying any better than marriages can.

Corporations are specifically built on lying. The only purpose for forming a corporation is to evade taxes and to break the law without personal accountability. I know this, because I myself once formed a corporation, on the advice of an attorney, for exactly those immoral reasons.

Our government has just been turned completely over to the corporations. Our new president, who was going to drain the swamp in Washington, has surrounded himself with Billionaires and corporate big shots on a level never before dreamed of in America. And, lying about everything has become the new normal. Lying is so all encompassing in the Trump administration, that about 35% of Americans have become deadened to it and completely lack outrage at being lied to.

Some of the grossest and most damaging lies are about health care. For decades this nation was moving slowly toward a European style health care system, in which Americans would pay their taxes, and receive health care as they needed it, not as they could afford it. Trump and the corporations invested in for profit health care tell us, that single payer health insurance won’t work. They are lying, we have had single payer health insurance for the old and disabled in this nation since 1965. It works wonderfully, it is self perpetuating financially, ever one covered by it loves it, and we call it MEDICARE. Single payer health insurance means Medicare for all Americans.

But, Trump and the corporations say Medicare is socialized medicine and intrinsically a bad idea, even though it works. That too is a big fat lie. Medicare is not any kind of  medicine, either socialized or otherwise. Medicare is socialized health INSURANCE.  Medicare does not provide one iota of health care, Medicare provides INSURANCE that is used to pay PRIVATE, non government health care providers for providing health CARE. There is a world of difference between socialized health care and socialized health insurance. VA is a horrible example of socialized MEDICINE. VA attempts to deliver health care, not health insurance, and VA is an abysmal failure.  Trump and the corporations try to compare Medicare to VA. That is apples to oranges. VA is socialized medicine and a huge un-salvageable failure. Medicare is single payer health INSURANCE, and is the single most successful and best loved program, that our great nation has ever created.

Trump and the corporations lie like rugs and fight like badgers AGAINST Medicare for all, because Medicare for all will stop the insurance corporations and the pharmaceutical corporations from milking sick and injured Americans for every dime, then taking away their homes and retirements to satisfy medical debt.

Ron Nesler Medicare recipient posting from New Harmony, Indiana