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Wrestling with pigs in New Harmony Indiana

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

New Harmony Indiana is in the very southern tip of Indiana. Way down in the toe of the Indiana boot. We are a rural agricultural area, and the reddest part of a very red state. But, our town itself boasts a good many educated, liberal, mentally able people. How some ever, because of where we are, we also have a good many Trump supporters in and around New Harmony, Indiana. These Trump supporters are a very determined lot, seemingly immune to facts. I am an optimist, who always feels people will do the right thing, if you just give them good information. But, it doesn’t seem to work with these Trumplings. The worse Trump’s behavior gets, and the more harm he does the nation, the more adamantly these folks stick with him.

No matter what ridiculous outrage Trump commits, these Trump supporters have one defense for him. It is:

“He didn’t do it. It’s fake news. And, if he DID do it, the Clintons are bad too.”

After beating my head against this obtuse stubbornness for a year, I have finally given up. These folks are impervious to facts. And, I am reminded of what George Bernard Shaw famously said about wrestling with pigs. On that topic Shaw said, “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” 

So, no more trying to force feed facts to the Trumpistadores. I’m going into iris farming full time.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Black Lodge Coffee Roasters in New Harmony Indiana

Here is one more reason, that New Harmony Indiana is wonderful! BLACK LODGE COFFEE ROASTERS

I am a regular at the Black Lodge Coffee Roasters. They have the best coffee within several hundred miles. Roasted and ground right here in New Harmony, Indiana Sold by either the cup or the pound. They have some amazing scones and other baked goods too! Their wonderful coffee is sold by the cup, but their main product is a variety of freshly roasted coffee beans by the pound. You can buy either whole beans or let them grind it to your specifications. Their fresh roasted coffees are all that we use at our house. HUGE difference between their coffee and what you are drinking now. Try it.And don’t forget, a pound of freshly roasted coffee will make a great holiday gift.

Ron Nesler  New Harmony Indiana

Growing Figs in New Harmony Indiana

Many people are surprised, that I am able to grow    FIGS  here in the fairly cold climate of New Harmony Indiana. I grow a variety of cold tolerant fig called a Chicago Hardy. They flourish here in Posey County. They grow like a weed. And, all of mine have produced figs on the first or second year, after they were STARTED FROM A CUTTING.  I started my first ones in 2007, and I have had figs every year since 2008. A couple of times, they have frozen back to the ground, but when that has happened, they have sprang back up from the roots and produced figs on new growth that same year. I am usually willing to provide free cuttings from my figs, for folks who live in or around New Harmony, Indiana.

Growing your own food is a wonderful way to NOT support the Monsanto Hamburger Industrial  Complex. I encourage it.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

New Harmony Indiana Weather Widget

Here at New Harmony Watch, providing news and opinion “to and about” New Harmony, Indiana is my primary goal. This website gets around 200 visits per day, and I suspect, that most of my readers live in or close around New Harmony, Indiana. I am grateful for the loyal following, and I will continue to try to provide news and opinion content, that is as interesting as possible for local folks.

In keeping with that loyalty to my readers, I have just installed a new weather widget. This is on the right side of the page, and provides complete weather reports and forecasts for New Harmony, Indiana. It even includes a weather radar widget set  the New Harmony area. My hope is that people will make it a habit to come to this New Harmony Watch website, when they need info on the weather here in New Harmony, Indiana. (Or any place else you may be)

Let me know if you like the new weather widget. And, keep in mind, I am always open to suggestions as to how to make the New Harmony Watch website better.


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana


News makes me dizzy

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

As I sit here in New Harmony Indiana, following the world news on the internet, (we have no TV) the whole world makes me dizzy. Do we suddenly have a geometric increase in outrageous human behavior, or just better coverage of what the assholes of the world are up to? Probably some of both. I try to live one day at a time,  but the myriad threats to human civilization are coming so overwhelmingly fast, that is hard to do.

It’s a big day in Congress today.— Alabama may send a pedophile to the US Senate.Trump Jr was in contact with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. — Both US political parties and US Allies fear Trumpski’s access to nukes. —  A Republican operative urges Tea People to break their coffee pots 

If you are still with me, after all of that bad news, here is a great book I just read. SHORT STORIES: FIVE DECADES by Irwin Shaw

NOTE TO LURKING MATH MAVENS: Above, I use the term geometric increase as slang parlance, not as mathematical  terminology. So there!

Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana

We COULD be a nation where …

America could be a nation, where ethical people run for public office. A nation, where tax money is spent on medical care and science instead of war and profiteering. A nation, where the sick and injured see a good doctor, without facing the loss of home or savings to bill collectors.  Where we build bullet trains instead of bombs. We could be a nation, where being anti war is NOT considered unpatriotic. Where the words of our public servants could be 100% trusted. Where lying by public officials is a shocking anomaly, not business as usual and commonly expected. Where blind hatred for fellow humans is looked down on, instead of stirred by politicians. Where human differences are celebrated and embraced instead of being feared and despised. A nation where folks are judged by what comes out of their mouths instead of what goes in.

If you read this, and you think, it is just a bunch of air headed, left wing, esoteric, liberal, Hippy bullshit, then you are part of the problem. I submit to you, that the more human beings fail to be good, the more we suffer. And, when we are not good, we pull innocent people down with us. We, you and I, are the nation and we are the world. Go do  good, and when you see evil, lay into it, like Jesus did with the bankers in the temple. That is all you CAN do, and if you want a decent world, it is what you must do.


Ron Nesler at New Harmony Indiana

Veterans’ Day

Tomorrow, Saturday November 11th is Veterans’ Day. Here is how honoring our vets stacks up so far. VA employees are taking an extra day off on Friday the 10th, so that their doors are closed to vets for three days. And, our President, a Vietnam draft dodger is celebrating the day, by visiting Vietnam. Apparently his bone spurs are all better.


Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Yes Virginia, there is (still) an America

Tuesday night’s election results brought indications of a repudiation of Donald Trump. Among other victories, in the Old Confederacy state of Virginia, a Democratic candidate for governor defeated a Trumpoid and Trump backed Republican candidate by big numbers. I believe it was 9%. That is a big repudiation of Trumpian fascism. And, I am DELIGHTED. I just hope Democrats can keep and build the “Big Mo'” between now and November 2018.

And, something else I hope is that the cynical GOP pols, who have pretended Trump is sane and functional, go down with the Trump ship. These self serving Republicans have KNOWINGLY done things bad for America, just to float their own agenda’s. May they all be taken down in a pro America, Anti Trump tsunami.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Living in New Harmony Indiana

I live in New Harmony, Indiana by choice. I am retired and not totally impecunious, and I can live pretty much where, I want to live. I choose New Harmony, Indiana, because the quality of life here is high, if you know how to live well. New Harmony is very quiet, which allows for peaceful sleep and serene spiritual reflection and study.  The air pollution here is pretty bad. But, the Wabash river is not as badly polluted as many US rivers. I am comfortable eating fish from the Wabash, two or three meals per month. The soil here, where protected from farm chemicals, is amazingly fertile. I have fruit and nut trees and a garden in both New Harmony and Griffin.

Without noticeable effort, I produce pecans, hickons, walnuts, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, figs, turnips, sweet potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes, green beans, Lima beans, grapes,  cherries, plums, sweet corn, radishes, onions and about a dozen different varieties of leafy greens. Twelve months out of the year, I have some food, I have produced myself. I am able to trade for and/or purchase from friends free range eggs, chickens, rabbits, pork and a regular supply of natural cows’ milk. Occasionally some kind person gifts me some venison or a couple of dressed squirrels.  Most of our shopping is done at garage sales and thrift stores.

So for Suzanne and me, New Harmony is a place, where we can live in peace and be about as far off of the Mansanto/DOW Chemical grid as possible for people our age. Here is a link to the article, that caused my thoughts to drift in this direction. —> THE ISLAND of IKARIA

Posted by Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana



Black Olives and Cream Cheese

One of my favorite snacks is a nice cream cheese and black olive sandwich on any sort of really good whole grain bread. Just smear the cream cheese on really thick on one piece of bread, then cover it up with a fat layer of black olives. If the olives are not salted, you might want to sprinkle on a bit of sea salt. Top it off with a second slice of bread, then sort of mash it together with the palm of your hand and cut into two pieces and enjoy.

Just one more tip, you will like this sandwich a lot better, if the black olives are pitted.

Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana

Attempted Robbery by Republicans

The Republicans have a new tax plan, which will allow billionaires to pay even less taxes than the do now. In order to get this tax cut for billionaires passed through Congress by their own GOP members, the Republicans have to come up with a way to replace the lost tax revenue. One of the ways in which the Republicans want to replace the lost income tax revenue is by drastically reducing the amount of the tax break, that working people now receive, when they put earnings into a 401-K retirement plan.

Right now, workers, can put up to $18,000 per year into their 401-K retirement plan, and pay NO TAXES on the $18,000, until they draw it back out after retirement. The worker’s income bracket is usually lower after retirement, so the money put into the retirement plan, is taxed in a lower bracket, than it would have been, if taxed when put into the plan, during the workers’ peak earning years.

To help pay for the billionaire tax cuts, the Republicans propose reducing the limit on the tax deferred 401-K contributions from the current $18,000 down to $2,400. Thus exposing the difference of $15,600 to the higher tax rate in effect during the workers’ peak earning years.  A HUGELY screwing for working people trying to save for retirement.

If you are a working person, and you think the Republicans are NOT out to screw you, you should start reading the news. If this evil plot to take money from working people, and give it to billionaires is stopped, it will be stopped ONLY because this scheme is being widely reported by your friends in the news media. Here is a New York Times article about this proposed Republican rip off of the working class. And, that is EXACTLY why, Republicans hate the media.

Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana

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