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Grim Reaper in New Harmony

Grim Reaper in New Harmony

I have to question whether that old reaper is all that grim or not. Death seems pretty natural to me, and it is shared by all creatures including all humans. I have been present at a few deaths, and spoken with folks who were present at other deaths. Although I will note, that no central figure in any of these deaths has ever yet reported back to me. 

Some people go out screaming in terror. But, others embrace death with a ………………………………………..


Revealed religion, the belief that God has revealed his plans to certain individuals, so that they may inform the rest of us of his wishes, has popped up all over the planet. But, everywhere you go, God’s messenger has received different and conflicting versions of God’s will.

The number of different religions on the earth is …………

New Harmony Indiana LGBTQ


Here is something, a dose of which, is DESPERATELY NEEDED IN SOUTHERN INDIANA  ,   and this includes New Harmony, Indiana 

I’m 71 and I grew up in Posey County, in Indiana, which is red state ground zero times infinity. During my life, I have lived in a few of the states of the former slave owning Confederacy,  none of them top southern Indiana in bigotry or hate speech of ANY sort. 

When I was a kid, ……………….. 

Boat Load of Knowledge to New Harmony

Boat Load of Knowledge to New Harmony

In the winter of 1825-1826 Robert Owen and Robert McClure brought a large keel boat loaded with scientists, teachers, philosophers, writers and other learned people from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to New Harmony, Indiana. They traveled from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, down the Ohio river to the mouth of the Wabash river, and then up the Wabash to New Harmony. It was arguably the largest gathering of learned people to ever assemble on a single boat.

Philadelphia’s loss was New Harmony’s gain,  and neither city has ever been the same, since.

Robert Owen called it the BOAT LOAD OF KNOWLEDGE.


posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana


Sometimes, we here in New Harmony forget, that it is the patronage of tourists, that allows us to enjoy the unique quality of life we have. I think we should all occasionally take a moment to reflect on the TOURIST EYE VIEW OF NEW HARMONY INDIANA. 

Because, without the tourist dollars we wouldn’t have ….


I was just reading the REMARKS OF STATE SENATOR JIM TOMES concerning a lawsuit by the city of Gary, Indiana against the big gun makers. The city of Gary is trying to make the big gun makers financially accountable for ………..

Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church in New Harmony, Indiana

Serene spiritual, old world charm can be found at  ST STEVEN’S EPISCOPAL  CHURCH in New Harmony, Indiana.  I am in no way affiliated with this church, and can’t speak for it, but my observation, as a member of the community, is that St Steven’s offers a home for ………………

Speak out

Speak out AGAINST lying and adultery and Trump supporters question your patriotism.

Speak out in FAVOR of Christ’s teachings of love, tolerance and kindness to strangers and the evangelicals question your spirituality.

Speak out to SUPPORT succor for the poor and weak and  the Republicans call you a socialist commie maggot. 

When you speak out, don’t anticipate wide approval.  

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

Roofless Church New Harmony, Indiana

The Roofless Church in New Harmony, Indiana is a lovely venue in which to wed. For information on weddings in the Roofless church or the Rapp-Owen Granary also in New Harmony call: 812-682-3050

Short Video of Roofless Church           Arts in Indiana article on Roofless Church




Democratic Socialism

Big GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio is shutting down ending thousands of good union GM jobs as well as high paid jobs (including benefits) with GM suppliers.

Thousands of the formerly middle class Blue Collar workers now scrabble for ………………………….

American Exceptionalism

Donald Trump may be the master of lying directly into the face of contrary established fact, but he didn’t invent it.

Since the Vietnam war, reactionaries have peddled the myth of American exceptionalism. American exceptionalism is the theory, that our founders were divinely guided, and that America is …….

Ghosts of New Harmony Indiana

News, history, and opinion from New Harmony, Indiana

As we get older, our mental lists of friends and acquaintances contain more and more dead people. Maybe, that’s why old people see so many ghosts. I frequently see ghosts. Usually, they are in my head, but sometimes I bump into them on the street.

Sometimes, I bump into these ghosts on the street, while ………………. 

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