Friday 20th October 2017

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Hell of an Article on Bannon/Breitbart etc

Here is a Hell of a good article, I just read. It is about Steve Bannon and the folks at Breitbart and how right wing opinions are shaped. It is from the New York Times     Enjoy!

Posted from New Harmony Indiana by Ron Nesler

birds and the bees

Right wing extremists like Rand Paul and Rush Limbaugh and the big corporations and the Christian evangelicals completely ignore the examples set by the birds and the bees. They get all bent out of shape when they hear it said health care is a human right. They go into panic attacks, and they whine about the socialist tyranny of providing "free" medical care to the poor. They froth at the mouth and gasp for air, at the horrible injustice of poor people getting medical care without paying for it out of their minimum wage salaries. While the wealthy must pony up big money for insurance premiums. They accuse the poor of squandering their health insurance money on iphones and potato chips. They often go into teary eyed insincere sermons, about the spiritual harm done to workers, if things are made too easy for them. They also say………………