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So, Ron tell us, who the Hell ARE these ordinary people, you always talk about???  ……………

A CLUE for the Democratic Party

  A CLUE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ….. from a rank and file democrat

Donald Trump is pulling ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls across the country and most remarkably in key must win states. Click the link above, and read about it from CNN. Hillary and the Democratic Party, claim they don't understand, what is going on.

Here is a clue for the Democratic Party, …………………………..

New Harmony Ordinary People Picnic

Ron-firs-ICON-WE$B-SITE-Cousins-PicNic-IMG_3294New Harmony Ordinary People Picnic—–Saturday and Sunday June 27th and 28th

I am hosting a picnic at Murphy Park in New Harmony, Indiana on June 27th and 28th 2015 from Noon to 5:00 PM both days. I call it the New Harmony Ordinary People Picnic. I hope it becomes an annual event. It is a bring your own EVERYTHING (BYOE) type of picnic. So please bring your own food, beverages, grill, musical instruments and games. We have rented the shelter house at Murphy Park for those two days. The area is shaded by big trees, is clean, has ceiling fans and inside seating inside for about 100 people. Clean modern restrooms are within 50 feet of the shelter house, and there a HUGE wooden Playtopia for the kiddies.

A lot of people ask me, why on the green earth have I organized such a picnic for ordinary people?

My response is ……………………

Shelton Hickerson


Ron-firs-ICON-WE$B-SITE-Cousins-PicNic-IMG_3294I would rather drink Drano or eat boiled grub worms, than to be a politician like Joe Donnelly or Larry Bucshon. Why? Because those money grubbing weasels gobble up all of the very best that America has to offer for themselves, and then have less gratitude (or testicles) than a diseased gnat.

I remember a time in America when members of Congress would stand beside their constituents,  especially constituents who had fought in a war. A good example is Frank McCloskey long time Congressman from the 8th District of Indiana. Congressman Frank McCloskey was never too busy or too self important to help a constituent or take a phone call from a war veteran. MCcloskeyb agreed with the famous Speaker of the House of Representatives Sam Rayburn, who famously said that the "most important purpose of a congressman is to bring the benefits of big government to small people."

But not these money grubbers we have in office now. These slugs are too busy counting their loot and plotting their next corporate "donation" to even take a phone call from a Hoosier war hero such as  SHELTON HICKERSON




 I am almost seventy years old, and I have just recently become confidently able to purchase a package of new T-shirts without buying the wrong kind and making myself uncomfortable. I love to wear T-Shirts as an outer gsarment, but they must be long enough to tuck in comfortably, have a usable pocket at the right height on the T-shirt, provide a snug comfortable fit without being too tight and have good sturdy necks that do not …………………….




I grew up in a small town of a few hundred people. There were no computers when I was a boy and television was still pretty new. I believe my Uncle Bob Nesler and a local farmer named Rusty Price may have had the first two television sets in or around our small town. My Mom and Dad and I used to listen to the radio at night back then, I remember radio programs such as Fibber McGee and Molly and the Lone Ranger and the Jack Benny Show. We had no library and the concept of getting and reading big city newspapers and news magazines was not something, which seemed to occur to anyone I knew as a boy.  Our social interaction with one another revolved around ……………………………

Ordinary People

Ron-firs-ICON-WE$B-SITE-Cousins-PicNic-IMG_3294Most human problems are spiritual problems and require spiritual solutions. Government can't help us much with those. Government is too ham handed and inefficient to fix spiritual problems. Besides, government is paid by "campaign donors" to do things exactly against the spiritual interests of ordinary people. Corporations and all levels of government have their own axes to grind. Far from helping us solve our spiritual problems, corporations and government create most of our spiritual problems. They do this to fleece us of our human rights for their selfish profit. To rob us, they use both force and fraud against us to sell us unnatural ideas.  

The only hope I see for ordinary people to thrive and be happy is ………………….

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