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Poker in New Harmony Indiana


03 Jan 2019


Poker involves math, psychology, patience, deviousness and well timed aggression. Poker is also an an equal opportunity game. At the poker table, no one cares, who your Daddy was, or who you rub shoulders with at happy hour. Poker tests character. If you are ruled by greed, animosity, prejudices, arrogance or impatience,  you will soon get your clock cleaned at poker. I love poker for all of those reasons.

When I was a kid, ………………

A poker tip

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I love poker, because the game of Poker doesn’t care, who your Daddy was. Poker is a great bastion of  meritocracy.

I am a pretty good poker player. Ask the little group of New Harmony Indiana Trump supporters, who tried valiantly but unsuccessfully for six years to pluck me like a chicken at the poker table. I sent those self anointed geniuses home kicking their lunch buckets and mumbling to themselves.

I know a lot about poker, and I am not selfish about giving out poker tips to anyone. Here is a free tip, right now:

If you find yourself at a poker table bemoaning the unfair nature of the universe, it is time to seek your entertainment in a different venue for awhile. Because you, sir or madame, are steaming like an 1830’s locomotive, and will get your butt kicked by cooler heads. Trust me on this. Been there, done that and paid the tariff.

Posted by Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana


NHW-RON-ThumbnailPoker is poker, where ever you may go. And I have played all over the world. I once was the big winner in a game of Five Card Stud poker in South East Asia during the Vietnam war. The game went on day and night for three days and three nights. We were playing in Vietnamese Piasters instead of of American dollars, and I had a strong run of good luck that lasted for the final two days, until everyone else in the game went broke. The Piasters were a very highly inflated currency, I think one US dollar was equal to about 10,000,000,000 Piasters or something. I won so many piasters, that I had to hire two kids with wheelbarrows to help me carry it all back to my Army unit.  I think when I exchanged all of those huge piles of Piasters for American currency, I must have had upwards of $37 or so.

After I got out of the Army, ……………………….

Worst possible day to commit suicide


Worse Possible Day to Commit Suicide



I am a pretty ordinary guy, a low to moderate achiever in most respects, and haven't really made much of a splash in life. But, I have been blessed to know some pretty remarkable people, maybe even a giant or two along the way. One of those contenders for gainthood was my good old friend Albert Sandoval, now departed, whose many and  eclectic achievements included being  ………………………

Things I have learned at New Harmony, Indiana

Things I have learned at New Harmony, Indiana

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Some of my critics claim that I am old and unstable and overly negative in my views of my fellow human beings. Maybe, but there are things I have learned along the way, too. Here are a few ……………………………..

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