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Boat Load of Knowledge to New Harmony

Boat Load of Knowledge to New Harmony

In the winter of 1825-1826 Robert Owen and Robert McClure brought a large keel boat loaded with scientists, teachers, philosophers, writers and other learned people from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to New Harmony, Indiana. They traveled from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, down the Ohio river to the mouth of the Wabash river, and then up the Wabash to New Harmony. It was arguably the largest gathering of learned people to ever assemble on a single boat.

Philadelphia’s loss was New Harmony’s gain,  and neither city has ever been the same, since.

Robert Owen called it the BOAT LOAD OF KNOWLEDGE.


posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana

Brief History of New Harmony, Indiana

Brief History of New Harmony, Indiana



posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana


A few days ago, I watched as a neighbor with a heart attack was rescued by an ambulance from POSEY COUNTY EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES.

I was reminded of a couple of years ago, when my wife fell breaking both ……………………….

cold butt problem

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I probably should be stuffed, mounted on a board and displayed in a museum. I am one of the last few Americans, who grew up using an outhouse. Until I was 13 years old, my family lived in a house with no indoor plumbing. The outhouse was in the back yard, as far from the house as possible. Which meant, it was about 50 feet from the 15 foot deep sand-point well from which my family got our drinking and cooking water. In areas with a high water table, the main problem with outhouses, (besides getting your butt cold) was that they contaminated the ground water for the poor. That was 60 years ago, so you would think we would be doing better by now. But we’re not.

Poor rural areas in Posey County have very few outhouses today. Most residents have septic tanks and indoor bathrooms. That solves the cold butt problem, but we still have the same contaminated drinking water in many of these rural areas. Much of Rural Posey County still depends on shallow sand-point water wells for drinking and cooking water. And, the septic tanks leach the raw sewage into the ground, just as close to the water wells as ever the outhouses did.

Most counties in the United States, especially the Blue states, now have modern water and sewage systems even in rural areas. But, that is just not happening in Red State Indiana. Here in Indiana, if you live in a rural area, like much of Posey County, chances are you may be drinking your own sewage.

Just before the 2016 elections, a Posey County Republican candidate for county office asked me for my vote.  This young Republican candidate swore to me, that he was a strong supporter of modern water and sewage systems for county residents. But, after that election, I have never heard from him again. He is now an office holder and in a position to get the ball rolling on modern sanitation in Posey County. He had my phone number, before the election, I will assume he misplaced it, it is 682 3740.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana


Maybe you have issues with the Democratic Party. I certainly do. But, right now, unless you want folks like Jim Tomes and Donald Trump to rule the world, it is time to support Democrats. We are headed toward a Fascist dictatorship in America, if Trump is not stopped. Human rights and Constitutional protections are taking a beating. It is no longer a distant threat. It is happening, right now,  as I type. And, it is far beyond being a joke. The Republicans under Trump are attacking democracy, civility, science, history, free speech, peace, voting rights, civil rights and everything else that makes America the wonderful nation it is. 

It is time to push back, or we lose it all. 

A big part of the problem is that good decent patriotic Americans (LIKE YOU) are often too polite or too timid to speak up and get involved. I exhort every good liberty loving American to find their courage, before it is too late. It is NOT necessary to arm yourself with a pitch fork and storm the bastille.  Just get involved. Show those around you, that you care.

The easiest, fastest and most effective way to stop Trump and the fascists is to support the Democratic Party. They are not perfect, but it is either them or the fascists. I choose the Democrats, without reserve, I hope you do too.

If you want to get on the Email list for the Posey County Democratic Party, send your name and Email address to <>,  and I will get the Posey County Democratic Chairperson to add your name to the monthly Donkey Bits Posey County Democratic Party email list. Or contact the County Chair Ed Adams directly at Email Address:  Phone Number: (812) 838-0035 or cell Cell Number: (812) 457-1183. Ed is a good man, a patriotic American and a good strong Democrat. He would love to hear from you.

Let's get together and try to save the country from Trump, starting at the bottom up, right here in good old Posey County. More later.



Another try at providing a clue for the Democratic Party.

For weeks, I have tried to write a message containing a clue for the Democratic Party. This early morning, it came to me in a dream, that I had not yet tried brevity and simplicity. Let me give those a whack, if I am so capable. Here is my simple and brief message to the Democratic Party.

Hello, Democratic Party? I approach as a friend. Here BELOW is a clue for the Democratic Party! ………………






I like People

NHW-RON-ThumbnailI like people. Not as much as I like dogs, but I like people pretty well. People are damn interesting. There is never a dull moment with people. People provide me new ideas to write about everyday, and some of them do it several times per day on average.

Consider this as an example, just last week one of the people I know woke me up at 7:00 AM on Father's Day with his noisey lawn mower. He has a lawn about the size of a postage stamp, but he mows it with the very best and noisiest of equipment, and he likes to mow it on Sunday mornings early, before I am even awake. Being it is such a tiny little lawn, it only takes him about 15 minutes to mow it, but that is just enough time and racket to get me irrepairably awake, long before I want to be. I have tried to discuss this early morning lawn mowing with this lawn mower enthusiast, but he has been a little difficult to have a conversation with.  People who know him will understand what I mean by that.

So, on Father's Day, when I was once again awakened by this mowing racket, I decided that I should ……………………….

Raccoons and Old Books

I am a huge reader, and all of my life I have faced the problem of what to do with old books. Old books are …………

Snowed in in New Harmony, Indiana

Today we received a computor generated call from the Posey County, Indiana County Commissioner's office, telling us that a state of emergency has been declared here in Posey County because………………

Such weather! (Pecans and Persimmons)

Who has ever seen weather so lovely as Sunday, 13 October 2013? It just simply put me in a good mood, in spite of all I know. Our family took a Sunday drive and enjoyed a couple of Sunday walks. We drove from New New Harmony to the Griffin and had breakfast at the good ol' Griffin Depot Diner. Then we made a brief tour of the Griffin Bottoms in Gibson County to observe the secretive fracking activity going on there………….

Notorious Posey County Farmer

Notorious Posey County Farmer


Who is this notorious Posey County farmer in the center of this photo? And, why is he in Florida smoking a hand rolled Cuban cigar? And, is that a DOUBLE Espresso he is sipping?


Notorious Posey County Farmer