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Recently, I wrote about my POVERTY PTSD, and how it has caused me to be overly frugal. I’m happily back to report, that  ………………………..


I have a box of Kleenex tissues on my bedside table, it reminds me that  ………………….

Gun Poverty

Here is an often overlooked fact about guns and gun violence. Guns don’t just slaughter innocent people, they also destroy families in other ways.

If you live in rural Red State southern Indiana, you can look around you and see families with children in ragged clothes, living in trailers or shacks, while the father of the family is showing off thousands of dollars worth of semi automatic high caliber rifles and hand guns. I call this gun poverty, and it is caused by the huge political “campaign gifts” paid out to Hoosier politicians by the gun manufacturers, who profit off of this obscenity.

Hating Nikolas Cruz is not going to stop gun violence. Voting out politicians who are paid off by the NRA will.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana

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