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I’m not married to a political party, I just …………


Fraudsters and con men (and some fools) want you to believe that America’s founding fathers embraced the nonsensical hocus pocus of ………………………………  


Revealed religion, the belief that God has revealed his plans to certain individuals, so that they may inform the rest of us of his wishes, has popped up all over the planet. But, everywhere you go, God’s messenger has received different and conflicting versions of God’s will.

The number of different religions on the earth is …………

Religion and virtue


The mass killings in Orlando last night have me thinking of religion. Muslims murder Jews, Christians and gays to promote their religion. Christians murder Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews and abortion clinic workers and gays to promote their religion. Hindus and Buddhists skin each other alive to promote their religions. Jews murder Muslims and anyone else that gets in their way to promote their religion. In Ireland Catholics murder Protestants and Protestants murder Catholics to promote their religions.  Both Catholic and Protestant churches everywhere hide the truth about horrible sexual abuses against children to protect their religions. In the American south the evangelical churches are hand in glove with the violence and hatred of the KKK. In Indiana and several other states, the born again Christians expend enormous energy and money to murder, bully and deny human rights to gays and lesbians and POOR women seeking legal abortions. Everywhere on the planet religious organizations hoard obscene wealth while innocent children starve and millions go without basic amenities or health care. 

My questions are,

#1. Why do we give these religious groups tax free status?

# 2. Where in the Hell do these people get off, speaking ill of atheists? 


Ron Nesler thinking about religion and virtue from good old New Harmony, Indiana

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