Tuesday 21st May 2019

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American Exceptionalism

Donald Trump may be the master of lying directly into the face of contrary established fact, but he didn’t invent it.

Since the Vietnam war, reactionaries have peddled the myth of American exceptionalism. American exceptionalism is the theory, that our founders were divinely guided, and that America is …….

Vietnam War

The View From New Harmony

The View From New Harmony

Up until the Vietnam war America didn't have a large standing Army during times of peace. We maintained a small skeleton force during peace time, and fought our wars with volunteers or draftees. All of these volunteers and draftees were at least somewhat willing to put their lives on the line to enforce America's will on the world. This meant that every American family shared the risk of combat. Consequently, the government could only wage wars that the American public understood and supported. Not so anymore.

In 1973 when the draft ended, I was a Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) with about six years of Regular Army service already behind me and had served 15 months in a combat unit in Vietnam. After the draft ended, I served another 30 months. This gives me some standing to have an opinion about ending the draft.

Our founders gave us a democratic republican form of government, their intent being that the people keep a tight control of government, especially as involves foreign entanglements and wars. The concept of a volunteer and conscripted Army was part and parcel of that republican intent for the people to control the government. A people who may have to send their sons and grandsons off to die in a foreign war are pretty picky about which foreign wars we get involved in.

The all volunteer Army has destroyed that republican safe guard against needless wars. Our professional Army is recruited from our economic under classes with attractive pay and benefits, the upper financial classes no longer bear any of the blood burden of our endless wars. This allows the government to wage wars that are financially profitable to  the upper financial classes and corporations, but morally indefensible. That is why we stopped the draft during the Vietnam war. The Vietnam war had become morally indefensible, and America went into revolt over it. The wrong headed (anti-republican) government was to end the draft to stop the crioticism rather than reining in our insatiable war making. This was a huge shift of power from the people to the government.

Once the draft ended, why would the educated upper financial classes raise any stink about immoral wars? It is good for their stock portfolios, and their children are exempt from being cannon fodder. So now, we are told, that what is good for Monsanto and DOW chemical is good for America.I give that a 10.0 rating on the government Bullshit scale!

Professional Armies are not acceptable in republics. Once a nation maintains a large standing army, it is an oligarchy not a republic.  A truly honest and completely universal military draft would be a big step toward returning control of the government to the American people.