Friday 20th July 2018

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Thirty states now have legal medical marijuana. Here’s a list of the legal marijuana states.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I know people in some of those legal marijuana states. Several of whom I served with during my eight years of US Army service, which incidentally included 15 months in a combat unit in the Vietnam war.

I have chronic pain, from conditions directly connected to my military service. The conditions I have are common among ex Army vets and some are specific to Vietnam war vets.  These conditions are acknowledged to be connected to military service by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Some of the ex soldiers I know, who live in legal marijuana states, have the same conditions and the same chronic pain I have. Because, they live in one of the 30 legal marijuana states, they are prescribed marijuana and marijuana extracts for pain. Everyone I know, who is prescribed marijuana for pain, reports that it works very well.

Because I live in Indiana, here are the choices I face:

#1. I can suffer without any relief from pain, which I do much of the time.

#2. I can use massive amounts of over the counter pain killers, which are toxic to the human liver and do myself long term harm and shorten my life. I do this a great part of the time.

#3. I can get a prescription for highly addictive (and highly profitable) opioid pain pills sold by the pharmaceutical corporations and risk addiction. I do this sometimes, but I greatly fear the addictive qualities of these dangerous pills. I use them as a very last resort, maybe half of a dozen times per month.

#4. I could buy and use illegal marijuana. That option is very tempting, when the pain is very bad. And, illegal marijuana is easily available all around me. But, I don’t do that. Because, at my age, I refuse to subject myself to the danger of the humiliation of being shackled and jailed and dragged into court, as if I were a criminal of some sort. I am not a criminal, I am just an old soldier, who hurts most of the time.

Marijuana’s efficacy for treatment of pain, depression, PTSD, high blood pressure, epilepsy and many other conditions is scientifically proven medical fact. Marijuana is far less harmful than tobacco, I know this through personal experience. And, it is completely non addictive either physically or psychologically. And, best of all, it will grow like a weed, if you are allowed by politicians to plant it in your garden.

When will Indiana join the civilized world on this issue?

Ron Nesler posting for Radio Free New Harmony, Indiana






Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Russia is a FASCIST KLEPTOCRACY ruled by a consortium of billionaire Dons from business and organized crime.  Russia is a textbook case of fascist kleptocracy. With Russian klepto-fascists, as with all thieves, enough is never enough. Once a kleptocracy is launched, it’s tendency is to grow like cancer and devour the world, if not opposed by a democratic movement.  The Russian Kleptocracy now has it’s tendrils wrapped around the heart of American democracy.

As with most things evil and foul, the two major enemies of fascist kleptocracy are truth and transparency.  America is under attack, you can either  sit on your hands and watch, as we go down the klepto-fascist tubes along with Russia, or you can use truth and transparency to fight back. I choose fighting back by spreading the truth.

Here is an example of some anti fascist truth.  The Russian klepto-fascists want you to think that Canada and our other western democratic allies are the enemy of American workers.  It is clearly not so.

Ohio is one of a few states, where the propaganda efforts of Russian kleptocracy gave Donald Trump a narrow electoral college win. The Russian klepto-fascists are peddling the notion, that Canada is the enemy of Ohio workers. When in point of truthful fact, Canada is Ohio’s #1 CUSTOMER.  In point of actual fact over 300, 00o jobs in Ohio depend on Canadian purchases. There are $18.9 billion in annual exports in goods from Ohio to Canada. Compare that with the $12.2 billion of goods imported TO Ohio FROM Canada. Canada buys more goods from Ohio, than from its next eight largest merchandise markets combined.

Ponder those facts, and tell me is it Canada or the Russian klepto-fascists, who are your true enemy?

Ron Nesler reporting the truth from the high moral ground of democracy.  And, tapping on my keyboard from New Harmony, Indiana

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Face Book Friends

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Many people who visit my Face Book page remark to me, “Ron, you have an incredible bunch of Face Book friends.”  And then they ask me,  “How do you achieve and maintain such high quality of intellect and morals among the people on your list of Face Book Friends?”

I hear this all the time. Today, I will share my secret of how to have only the best, brightest and most morally fit people as Face Book friends.

My biggest secret to my high quality of Face Book friends is that I NEVER accept friend requests from people whose profile pictures include guns, Confederate or Nazi Flags, or images of monster pickup trucks or of folks in KKK robes saluting Donald Trump.

I also decline friend requests from people who display their bare breasts or other body parts not normally seen uncovered at PTA meetings or Church Ice Cream socials.

These few simple rules have helped me to have only the smartest and most morally upright folks included on my Face Book friends list. It will work for you too! Try it.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana

20 lies in my entire 70+ years of life

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I haven’t told over 20 lies in my entire 70+ years of life. Those few lies were in support of absolute survival or obtaining sexual favors. And, I guarantee you, I feel bad about every one of them.  Trump, on the other hand,  tells more lies each day, than I have told in my entire long life. Lying is his default reaction to any question either profound or of piss ant import. He just automatically lies, and everyone knows it.

Here is what baffles me. Why is this lying OK with Trump supporters? I just simply don’t get it. I don’t hear any of his supporters deny that he is a chronic liar. Instead, they just laugh it off.  The truth is, Trump is a moral leper, just on lying alone. Without even factoring in his dead beat debts, draft dodging and sexual assaults.

How can this lying not bother people? Do they want their grand kids to pattern themselves on Trump? Surely not, but who in the Hell knows, what these people are thinking?

Posted from New Harmony, Indiana by Ron Nesler

Macho, Decency and Perma-culture

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Many Trump supporters, believe that flaunting all standards of decency by backing Trump makes them look macho. It doesn’t, it just makes them look incredibly stupid and morally bereft.  Being a Trump supporter is the political equivalent of loud boom boxes, big guns, noisy mufflers and 10 foot tall pickup trucks.  It impresses people, but not the way you think.

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What’s WORSE than Trump?

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I was fairly comfortable that Donald Trump had about burned himself out. And, that the world would return to normal after Trump gets dealt a humiliating defeat in his bid for reelection in 2020. Then a close friend dropped by for coffee this afternoon. This anonymous friend is the most politically savvy person I know, and they gave me reason to be fearful.

What’s WORSE than Trump?  What IF, this nightmare scenario were to play out: Trump is not impeached and convicted, but he actually finishes out his term. That could easily happen, but here’s the scary part. What if  Trump,  still being President in 2019,  voluntarily steps aside in favor of Mike Pence as the GOP candidate? That is the ONE way, that the Republicans could hold onto the White House in 2020, without a bloody primary.  And, I’m sure the GOP has this idea in mind, if Trump survives in office until 2019.

You will notice Pence is laying low and not having his picture taken with Trump. If Pence ran instead of Trump, and Trump campaigned for him, you would have an even larger merger of the “in it for the money Republicans” with the “God wants us to do this” Republicans.  If Trump survives until then and cooperates with his party, this nightmare could happen

Pence is even more dangerous and destructive of democracy than Trump. Trump has no core beliefs, and can be reasoned with or at least politically intimidated. But, not Pence. Pence is a true believer. He is absolutely convinced, that God (his god) has chosen him to lead America out of the heathen wilderness and deliver us all into the arms of  Jesus. He believes that as surely as I believe water is wet. Pence is not a liar or a crook, he is worse, much worse. He is a religious fanatic of the first rank. Pence has zero doubt, that his god dictates instructions, right into his ear.

Part of the danger of Pence is, that he has a calm demeanor and takes a nice picture, when he is dressed up. If you didn’t know his history, you could easily think he is sane.

I pray for the health of Donald Trump, and if he can’t be impeached and convicted, I pray that he runs again in 2020. And, if Trump does run again, I will pull a Republican ballet in the primaries and vote for him at least once. Because, Trump is the one Republican, that ANY Democrat can beat in November 2020.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana



Mexican Border

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

For about 30 years, I lived on the Mexican border. Many Americans who live on the border —-and I was among them— feed the poor immigrants sneaking across from Mexico and help them hide from the Border Patrol. I lived near a huge Flea Market near the border, and I have taken many immigrants there to buy them better shoes or blankets or a used back pack. This is very common there.

This is how Americans used to behave, before the evangelical preachers took over our government.

It is NOT about politics, it is about being decent human beings.

Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana

Mike Pence

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Our president’s crisis management style creates new scandals daily. He churns out outrages, at a dizzying pace. A pace that makes staying focused on any particular recently passed scandal very difficult for anyone, most especially his followers. He started out on his first day in office lying about his inauguration crowd size, against clear photographic evidence. And, he has picked up speed at an incredible rate, creating a juggernaut of lies and crimes, that is overwhelming.

Trump is indeed, a Hell of a guy. But, I comfort myself, that as bad as he is for the nation, he is not nearly so dangerous and corrosive of democracy as Mike Pence would be, if given the chance.

So count your blessings.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

Elfreda, wherever you are

I often feel that life’s not fair, and that I probably should get at least a partial refund on the price of my ticket. I don’t think, I’m the only one to  ever feel that way, I’ve heard others express similar sentiments. When I get those feelings, I try to remember something,  I once heard from one of the dumbest people I ever met.

Years ago, back in my incarnation as a worker bee, I used to join a a small group of acquaintances for a sack lunch chit chat session a couple of days per week during the noon hour. This was in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Our little group discussed life and it’s vicissitudes and how best to cope. We were a pretty mixed gathering of people, as to age, station, intellect and education. I was among the least formally educated people in the group. But, that is not to say,  that I was among the least mentally agile or learned.  There was this one young lady in our little group, by whom, in my opinion, the cake was clearly taken in the lack of brains department. I found her to be mind numbingly dull witted. And, in fact, it caused me sharp physical pain, down to the very bone marrow, to hear her speak on any topic. For the purposes of this story, in order to preserve her anonymity, we will call her Elfreda.

Her name was not really Elfreda, though. It is just that I need an anonymous name for this story, and I have always enjoyed the name Elfreda. I like the sound of it. I have known three Elfredas in my life. Back in the 1970’s, I was acquainted with an older couple in Delta Junction, Alaska, whose names were Elfreda and Frontenac McGillicutty.  But, that’s another story for another day. Back to my sack lunch group in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

One week, as I was unwrapping my burrito, Elfreda began to speak about how to remain happy in spite of  adverse circumstances. Before, I was able to tune her out, I heard her say, that she found, that a major secret to being happy is simply to embrace the fact, that life includes a certain “legitimate” amount of pain.  And, that once we cowboy up and accept that, it becomes much easier to recognize and enjoy the good parts.

Trust me on this, Elfreda is not a brain trust. But, her statement about embracing life’s legitimate bumps in the road, is one of the six or seven smartest thoughts, I have ever heard anyone express. I salute you Elfreda, wherever you are.

Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana

Longevity vs Irony

Up until age 37, when I sobered up, I drank alcohol excessively, and that’s actually a massive understatement .  The truth is, I was never intentionally sober from age 26 until age 37. If being sober had been against the law in those years, the worst thing with which I could have been charged would have been attempted sobriety. Until I was age 42, I was a four to five pack per day cigarette smoker. Up until about age 60, I was an enthusiastic consumer of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed carbohydrates, corn syrup, hydrogenated fats,  chemical preservatives and biscuits and gravy. For much of my life a Coca Cola and a bag of potato chips combo was health food dining, compared to my normal diet.  During my military career, I was one of those guys on the ground in Vietnam, who was sprayed with Agent Orange, plus we ate unidentifiable stuff out of cans dated for the Korean war. I have worked on oil rigs, when, in order to increase oil flow, we injected stuff so toxic into the wells, that the names of the chemicals were kept secret from the workers.

I am 70 now, and I have cancer in remission, COPD, osteo arthritis, type two diabetes and a lot of QOL residuals from cancer treatment. I am not whining about my health. As a matter of fact, I am happier and more content right now, than I ever have been in my life.  Life is good, I like it, and want to hang around as long as I can.

At 70, I have taken a serious interest in eating right, keeping clean habits and regular hours and consuming as little industrial waste as possible. I am getting a late start, but whether I live longer or not, I feel better on a daily basis. Now, I suppose,  in the interest of the irony of the universe, I will probably be run over by a truck or shot by an NRA member within the week.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Hey Hey NRA!

Hey Hey NRA! 

I am an ultra liberal Democrat. I own firearms, and I support the right of other Americans to own firearms. I began hunting squirrels, rabbits, ducks and quail at age 12 with a 22 and a 12 gauge. I encourage that for kids today, and I oppose age limits on owning hunting weapons.

I own a hand gun for self protection, and I have a concealed carry permit. I support that right for other Americans.

I carried an M-16 with a 20 round magazine in Vietnam for 15 months. I understand the occasional necessity of that.

Fully automatic weapons are already against the law. I support that. And, I believe a semi automatic weapon compatible with magazines of over 10 rounds is a weapon of war, and should also be illegal for civilians.

Until a thorough and vigorous background check is complete, no one should be able to purchase any semi automatic weapon, including handguns, If that takes two weeks, I’m fine with that, it will save innocent lives.

No one with a conviction for any violent crime, especially spousal abuse, should be allowed to own or possess any semiautomatic weapon, including hand guns.

I think my ideas are sane, constitutional and in line with most Americans. The NRA doesn’t represent gun owners, military vets and hunters like me. The NRA represents gun manufacturers.

Here is a comparison between the 22 round on the left used for hunting and the AR 15 round on the right used in school shootings. Their is a penny between them to use to reference size. You may click to enlarge the pic

Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana

Without the proverbial paddle

The Republicans have had their chance. They have brought us unlimited weapons of war in our streets, open bribery of Congress members by corporations, murkiness in public business, and Donald Trump.

Small “d” democracy can’t survive like this. Either we have to change things quickly or give up and surrender to corporate fascism.

The Democratic Party with all its flaws and imperfections is the only hope we have. If American democracy is to survive, the old guard Democrats and Progressive Democrats and Democratic Socialists all have coalesce around first priority issues.

The most important first priority issue is campaign finance reform. Fix campaign finance and all of the guns and lying and corruption will go away. Fail to fix campaign finance and all is almost surely lost forever.

People who run for office under the Democratic banner have a huge moral responsibility to the nation to be as morally fit as humanly possible. You can’t campaign on reform, if your own party’s candidates are easily impugned.  Please Don’t run for office as a Democrat, if you have skeletons in your closet, blood on your hands, secret sexual infidelities in your past or your fingers in anyone else’s cookie jar.

And, if you are a voter, learn to value moral fitness over any petty policy differences. Any Democrat, whether liberal, old guard or establishment in any office in America is better right now than any Republican. If you doubt that, look out your windows.

If Democrats splinter and don’t  stick together on core principles in 2018 and 2020, we are all up the creek without a paddle.


Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana