Friday 20th October 2017

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Russian Election Ads for Trump

Russian Election Ads for Trump


As more information dribbles out about the 2016 Russian social media ads in support of  Donald Trump, it becomes crystal clear, it was a very sophisticated operation. There was a lot of money spent by Russia. And, there was nothing random or unprofessional about the Russian ad buys. Whoever orchestrated the ads knew just which Congressional districts to target with which hot button piece of hateful misinformation. A very professional job of propaganda. America has been badly had, and if you love your country, you should be mad as Hell about this.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Refuting Rumored Trump W.H. Bestiality

EXCLUSIVE! You read it here first.

I am proud for this web site to be first to break the story, that it now appears, Donald Trump may NOT be guilty of bestiality inside the White House.

Trump just claimed he INVENTED the term fake news

Trump just claimed that he INVENTED the term fake news. Because of that, I thought, I better get on the record, right NOW, as having coined the phrase “He’s a third rate, sissy, draft dodging weasel.”   Copy right pending

 Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Follow the Fuehrer

I confess, I spend WAY too much time on the internet, especially on Face Book. But a case can be made, that this is a program of  my continuing education. Take yesterday for example.

Yesterday, I was trolling around Face Book posting links to news articles about our nations UN VOTE ON BANNING THE DEATH PENALTY FOR THE “CRIME” OF CONSENSUAL GAY SEX. In short, the UN moved to condemn the death penalty for consensual gay sex, and our nation joined Saudi Arabia and Iraq in voting NO. Meaning that we as a nation are now on record as SUPPORTING the death penalty for such consensual sex acts. Pretty evil and scary stuff, in this old soldiers book.

The most common response, that I got from Trump supporters about this UN vote, was to deny that it happened. Not one Trumpster openly agreed with our NO vote, but many said they simply did not believe, that it happened. Several called it “fake news” contrived to hurt Donald Trump. One remarked, that they would NOT believe, that it happened, unless they heard an admission directly from Donald Trump. Many laid the blame on President Obama, who hasn’t been in office for eight months.  A few offered to pray for ME, that Jesus heal my error.

Here we have denial of a clear fact. The fact that something dark and shameful happened. Something that occurred out in the open, before the eyes of the entire world. An action that was clearly reported on by media around the globe. Something, that in my book, would be impossible to miss, even if you can’t read. And, the response of the Trump supporters, is simply to deny that it happened.

That is the most scary thing about this tin pot Fuehrer. Trump has somehow conjured up complete willingness to ignore physical evidence, among about 35% of the American public. Trump didn’t invent willful ignorance, but he has weaponized it. I weep for the soul of our nation.

Follow the Fuehrer by Ron Nesler at New Harmony Indiana

Republicans insist, that they NEED legal assault weapons

Republicans insist, that they NEED legal assault weapons, just in case they decide to overthrow the government. My question is, if they plan to overthrow the government anyway, why in the Hell couldn’t they just go whole hog, and do it with ILLEGAL assault weapons? And, let the rest of us live in peace, in the meantime?

Fewer Docile victims

I have often said, that inherited wealth/privilege is the leading cause of libertarian-ism. I will add, that ignorance of world events is the major cause of working class “conservatism.” As an aside, I don’t like using the word conservatism, because it has lost its meaning. What we call conservatism today is actually 1930’s style fascism, with which no true conservative would associate themselves. But that’s a topic for another day. Getting back to ignorance of world events, it is pretty obvious to me, that if working class people had even the least clue about…………..

Mayor Declares Chicago a Trump Free Zone

In an amazing show of courage and dedication to common decency, justice and American core values the mayor of Chicago  DECLARES CHICAGO A TRUMP FREE ZONE

Posted by Ron Nesler, New Harmony Indiana

Trump and the meddlesome priest

It's a rule of thumb, that the words of the King are always taken literally. And it is pretty tough to believe that ANY King, even our dull witted Trumputinov,  could possibly be so obtuse as to not understand this.


Ron Nesler, an old soldier posting from New Harmony Indiana



Showboating, Psycho, Tea Party Assholes

Several showboating psycho assholes, by which, of course, I mean Tea Party Republican politicians, have previously tried to block disaster aid in Congress. Among these are Mike Pence and Ted Cruz. What are they going to do now? When this foul excrescence Trumpski, one of their own, is driving the bus?

The previous anti disaster aid positions of both Cruz and Pence are discussed THIS ARTICLE

Posted from New Harmony Indiana by an old soldier named Ron Nesler

Trump Pardons Arpaio or does he?


Here is my thinking on this. I know the president theoretically has unlimited pardon powers. But, the federal courts are the only part of our government empowered to enforce the Constitution. Arpaio was convicted of contempt for willfully refusing to obey the order of the federal courts to obey the constitution. It was not accidental or unintentional on Arpaio's part. He publicly announced that he would ignore the federal court's order.

If Trump pardons Arpaio, as he seems to have done, does that mean Trump has the power to prevent the federal courts from enforcing the constitution? Does it mean, that anyone of Trump's followers can ignore both the constitution and the federal courts and be protected by Trump?

I don't think the federal courts are going to take this lying down.  If they do take it lying down, they may as well close up shop, because they will have ceded all of their power and authority to Donald Trump.

Trump may be a soulless psychopath, but you have to admit, the bastard has a real penchant for destroying our government.

Posted From New Harmony, Indiana by Ron Nesler .

Lies about US civil war

Trump is peddling a lot of goofy lies. One of the biggest, boldest and most outrageous of these Trumpian lies is that the US Civil War was not about slavery. An astounding lie! Some people, who tell this lie are trying to intentionally muddy the water. But, most people who say this are simply poorly educated, and parroting what Rush Limbaugh and various GOP politicians tell them. Here is a link to the Mississippi state proclamation of secession made in 1861. MISSISSIPPI PROCLAMATION OF SECESSION  This document makes crystal clear, that the US Civil war was about slavery and nothing else. Not states rights, not honor, not defense of Southern culture, not tariffs, not anything except slavery. 

Posted from New Harmony, Indiana by Ron Nesler

Ugly Times, but keep the faith

With Trump at the tiller, we live in ugly times, but keep the faith in democracy and liberalism. Even here in deep Red State Posey County, with our reputation for back woodsy social "conservatism," there are some decent progressive people. People who do not buy in to the idea, that Mike Pence's customized Jesus wants us to support war and oppose health care for sick people.  And, the really good news is, some of these decent people are starting to talk among themselves. And, in some cases, even to speak up publicly. New Harmony gets a bad rap nationally for being part of Red State Indiana and especially for being part of Posey County. All people know about us is Mike Pence, the KKK, and Donald Trump. If you are going to visit New Harmony, check with me, and I will help you avoid the haters.

Truth is change has started. Trump's overt fascism is so repulsive, that normally quiet people here in Posey County are starting to speak out against the hate and divisiveness. I give ME as an example. I acknowledge, that Trump is a serial philanderer who dodged the draft, cheats on taxes, abuses women, and can't tell the truth about the color of the sky.  I reject him, and I will NOT be quiet about it. I invite other good people to speak up about this traitorous bastard. And, I suggest you do so now, before you find storm troopers at your door. The one thing, that will defeat this evil golem is the bright light of public discourse. And free public discourse, exercising the power of free speech, is something America does best. Let's talk. I will buy the coffee.


As a bonus for today, here' a list of GOP pols, who are denouncing Trump. Sadly our Senator Todd Young and Rep Larry Bucshon are silent



Posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana