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Thank you for your service?

The “thank you for your service” in New Harmony, Griffin and Posey County Indiana is about 50 years late for Vietnam vets.

The past couple of weeks, I have had at least half dozen folks say to me, thank you for your service, in regard to me having been in the Vietnam war.  I always try to be polite, when this happens and assume that people mean well.

But in point of actual fact, this irks me, because ………..

After the War?

I notice little things. Some detractors might say, that’s because I have a small mind. Maybe so, but here’s one small thing, that I notice.

When people talk about World war II vets, they often refer to what those vets did after the war. But when people talk about Vietnam vets, they never say after the war. I talking about Vietnam vets, people always refer to after the vet got out of the service rather than after the war.

I have thought about ………………. 

Muhammad Ali

muhammad_ali_TWO dr._king_ap_imgMohammad Ali was the first public figure to speak out against the Vietnam war. As a Vietnam vet, that alone makes him a hero in my book. But, there are other heroic stands he made.  If you weren't around back then, it is hard to understand. .A nation of sheep were being herded into an unjust and bloody war, and at the same moment, African Americans were being denied the right to vote and to use public accomodations. Ali stood up for what was right on all fronts. He was a man, not a sheep, this Muhammad Ali!

I salute Muhammad Ali, and I respect his memory.


Today, I heard some folks speaking in a very disrespecting manner of Ali, saying that he was a draft dodger. That is pure baloney, Ali was a conscientious objector and an open opponent of the Vietnam war. He was a bold man of principle, who stood up for what he believed was morally right, and he took his lumps for doing it, as a man should do. His conscientious objection to the Vietnam war cost him four of the best years of his career. He paid his dues for standing up for principles, and never flinced. I point this out as a Vietnam vet myself. If you want to attack draft dodgers, try Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. They both used money and political influence to evade military service for selfish reasons. They did it secretively, and there is no defense for their self serving cowardice.  They did not stand up against the war, like Ali, they just pulled strings to protect their own cowardly hides. There is no comparison between the upfront opposition to the war of Ali, and the selfish draft dodging of those two weasels. Mohammad Ali possessed more honor and dignity than any Americam politician can claim. You may quote this old Army Sarge on that.


VIETNAM: Forgetting our Lessons

We wasted blood and treasure in Vietnam, because ………………………………..

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