Saturday 20th October 2018

The Power of Bullshit in politics



Rev Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

The Rev Ron opines from New Harmony, Indiana

There is no power any greater than the power of bullshit in politics. Except for truth. Politics is quite simple, but the fascist assholes want to bullshit you into believing it is complicated. Here is the basic truth about how simple politics and government really are.

There are only two types of government. Democratic government and fascist kleptocracy. Either ALL of the people share in the power of government under some form of democracy, or the power government is stolen by a greedy few and operated as a for profit business by the rulers, under some form of fascist kleptocracy. Those are the only two choices.

The Western democracies are examples of various forms of democracy. The US , Canada, Mexico, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland all  have different sorts of governments, but they are all examples of democracy of one sort or another. The people hold the power. This is no less, in fact even more true of lower levels of government in these nations. The Town Board of New Harmony, Indiana is pure representative democracy at its best.

Russia, China, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia all have different forms of government, but they are all examples of fascism, because the power of government is stolen from the people, and used to financially profit the fascist rulers.

Fascist assholes like Donald Trump, want you to think politics and government are too complicated for you to understand. They want you to believe, you need THEM to sort things out for you and guide the way. That is fascist bullshit.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

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