They see the light when they feel the heat


Ordinary people in Indiana are,  …………………………



……………………………………… a great majority, in favor of affordable health insurance, equal rights for LGTBQ, legal weed, free speech, accessible voting and lots of other things endorsed by those great Hoosiers Eugene Debbs and Kurt Vonnegott Jr.

Why then, has Indiana become such a right wing Hell hole where none of those liberty loving republican policies and principles prevail? And where, people who support such natural liberties and freedoms are suppressed and punished?

I see three reasons; out of control GOP Gerrymandering, GOP voter suppression and Hoosiers are way too polite and submissive to folks with suits and elected positions, who want to force a theocratic nanny state down our throats.

I’m here to tell Hoosiers, that until you stop being so damn polite to these nanny staters and get a little rude with them by standing up and speaking for Indiana be run on real republican principles, you’re going to remain under the thumbs of the corporations and the Holy Roller preachers.

It’s like Doc Ropp once told me, politicians never see the light until they feel the heat.

So this is Ron Nesler telling you, that if you want to live free instead of being subjugated by greedy corporations and nutcake Holy Roller preachers, you need to open up those tightly sealed lippers of yours and light some verbal fires under some entrenched political asses.

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