Saturday 20th April 2019

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Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Thanksgiving Day in New Harmony, Indiana is over. The next big event here is CHRISTMAS IN NEW HARMONY. 

Thanksgiving Day 2018  is over, and most of us are as grateful as we want to be. I am grateful for family, friends and for being an American. I am most grateful for living here in New Harmony, Indiana. It is quiet here and peaceful. Our town has a spiritual ambiance. New Harmony is one of……………………………….

………………………………………………………….several bright shining beacons of progressive enlightenment in the Red State gloom of most of Indiana. And, I am grateful to live here.

Note to the rest of the world: If thinking of Indiana depresses your spirits, consider New Harmony.  We are different here, and progressing change has taken root and is thriving here.

One of the things I think about a lot is how our present Trump government reviles the peoples and cultures of all of the rest of the world.  To listen to Trump, the entire rest of the world is pure evil. That is just simply NOT factual.

People are people everywhere you look.  All people everywhere want exactly the same things. The universal human desires are for peace, family, sustenance, safety and freedom from dictatorship. All of which boils down to desiring the rights to OWN our own persons and the rights to the fruits of our own labors.

 The PEOPLE of Iran, Mexico, Italy, China, Valenzuela, Iraq, Aruba, Pakistan, Iceland, Argentina, Australia, Lebanon, Bolivia, Samoa, Afghanistan, Belize,  Switzerland, Egypt, Senegal, Canada, Portugal, The Congo, Siberia, Poland, Vietnam, Brazil, Uzbekistan  and Massachusetts all want EXACTLY what we Americans want, ie peace, security, family and self determination. 

No PEOPLE, anywhere on the globe are rooting for war, famine, dictatorship, grinding poverty, disease or human misery. Those are the tools tyrannical politicians use to oppress people.

When a POLITICAL LEADER tells you that your own nation’s people are the only bastion of morality on the planet, and that all the other PEOPLES in the world are warlike, evil, immoral, ungodly and out to harm you, that leader is a crook and a conman and a demagogue. The universal fact is, people are people. Hate and prejudice  are constructs of bad government. 

The sane thing to do is to learn to communicate directly with the other peoples of the world. To understand the world, you must refuse to have the facts “interpreted” for you by greedy, amoral, self interested political thugs. Because, the political thugs profit from ignorance, hate, war and havoc. 

There is no corporate profit in peace, justice and fair play.  Human self interest is diametrically opposed to the self interest of the billionaires and the thug corporations.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana


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