Why on earth any person would gamble their life savings on the stock market? That’s totally beyond my understanding. 

I watch the three main stock indexes pretty much every day. And, I see the smallest bit of news about the economy or trade, send stock prices soaring or plunging. Interest rates fall, markets soar, even if it has been anticipated for a month. 

Trump insults the Chinese, and the markets tumble. Even though, everyone knew all along, that he ,,,,,,,… 





…………………………………………………….  would do that, at least once per week.  

When I see these dramatic market reactions to mundane news, I always have to ask myself, how could these investors possible be surprised and caught off guard, by the news of the day?  Short of earthquakes, the news is pretty predictable. I know, if the Fed has or will cut the interest to help these silly geese. And, I know, if Trump has insulted or tried to bully the Chinese. But, these Wall Street investors seem to always be caught off guard by everything, and react wildly to things, my cat could have predicted a week earlier.

I conclude, the whole thing is rigged. I deny the credibility of the idea, that people with enough money to change the markets with the size of their transactions could possibly be this stupid. 


Ron Nesler Posting From New Harmony, Indiana

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