If you live in New Harmony, and can’t think of anything for which to be grateful, allow me to suggest ……………………………   


……………………………………………………..You should be very grateful for the quiet here in New Harmony. In contrast, I keep a small orchard in down town Griffin. Which place, traveling by crow, is just three miles from my house in New Harmony. But, Griffin is a whole other world, noise wise, because of I-64. It would probably amaze you, how noisy Griffin is as a result of I-64 traffic. Go listen sometime. Stop in the heart of Griffin, roll your car windows down and shut off your car engine and listen.   

I usually remove my hearing aides, when gardening in Griffin, because other wise the I-64 background racket shatters my nerves and gives me a headache. That is some bad Mojo, so be very very grateful, for our quiet protected environment here in new Harmony. 

New Harmony would not be New Harmony, if it were noisy, here.  Our quiet is the greatest gift of living in New Harmony. 

Some of the things that noise destroys, are serenity, contemplation, reflection, clear thought, and neighborly harmony.

So tangentially, always beware the neighbor, who confuses celebration and religious observance with noise and alcohol. The follies of such a person may have some entertainment value in the neighborhood, in the short term. But, over the long haul, such a person will disrupt your peace and harmony.  Peace and harmony are pretty much what it is all about. I would rather live among diseased possums and rabid wolverines, than next door to a drunk with a Boom Box and loud mufflers. 

Getting back on my original subject, if you live in New Harmony, Indiana or in any other such blessedly quiet place, you have much for which to be grateful. 

Ron posting from New Harmony Indiana




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