Sometimes, we here in New Harmony forget, that it is the patronage of tourists, that allows us to enjoy the unique quality of life we have. I think we should all occasionally take a moment to reflect on the TOURIST EYE VIEW OF NEW HARMONY INDIANA. 

Because, without the tourist dollars we wouldn’t have ….


…………………………………………the top notch sewer plant and classy fire department we have. And, without the tourists, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have the Cadillac town services we enjoy. Not many towns of 700 residents have the excellent municipal services we have.  

Without Tourists, we also wouldn’t have the Red Geranium or the Yellow Tavern or Mary Scott’s Kitchen or the New Harmony Inn or the Main Cafe or the Old Rooming House or the Moon River Spa or the New Harmony Theater, or The Black Lodge Coffee Grinders or Sara’s Harmonie Way or our Art Galleries the or the New Harmony Project.

The tourists pay for our quality of life.

I have lived in many places, and New Harmony has the best atmosphere and ambiance of any place I know. I can afford to live about anywhere I choose, and I choose here.  Besides the physical QOL amenities, it is serene here and the town has a spiritual peacefulness.

And, if you want, you can rub shoulders with artists and writers and all sorts of spiritual pilgrims, here.

People travel from all over the world to be MARRIED IN NEW HARMONY

Let us not forget, that without the tourists, we would be just another sad little town. We would be fending off druggies and boom boxes and high property crime. We would shortly fall victim to litter and trash on the streets and trashy low class businesses, instead of what we have. 

So, if you love New Harmony, as it is,  you should hug a tourist. And, you should always remember to have some gratitude toward the memory and legacy of Mrs. Owen.  Jane Owen is the wellspring from which it has all flowed.  

Ron Nesler posting from beautiful, serene, safe and prosperous New Harmony, Indiana

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