Trains vs Corrupt Politics






My darling and mentally on the ball wife, Suzanne, just directed my attention to a news article concerning a new train in Europe. It’s powered by electricity created from hydrogen generated from the air. The train is noiseless, emits only water vapors, and can ………….






……………………………………………………….  can travel ninety miles per hour. Same technology is now used in Britain, South Korea and other democracies, for trains, trucks, construction equipment, and cars.

In Austria, a hydrogen train is set to travel on challenging alpine routes

Why can’t America do this? President Trump has withdrawn all American cooperation with other nations on such clean energy projects. It makes me cry for America. And especially for my home state of Indiana, which along with the old confederate states, takes the lead in resistance to scientific and economic progress.

If you want to advocate for reform of any sort, Indiana’s state government is a target rich environment. Pick a topic: race relations, public health, education, workplace safety, workers’ rights, ecology, voters’ rights, medical marijuana, gender and race equality, etc. etc. etc. Hoosier state government is on the wrong side of history on every single issue.

It’s not the people. Hoosiers aren’t bad people or stupid. In fact, Hoosiers are generally smart, honest, hardworking and compassionate. But, just like the old confederate states, Indiana has allowed corporate money to buy up our governor and and our state and national legislators. The corporate owned politicians have used Gerrymandering and “Good Ol’ Boy” back room deals, to steal Indiana from it’ citizens and establish a one party kleptocracy, where GOP controls everything in our state, with zero accountability to voters. That’s Indiana’s problem, write it down, because the first step to fixing a problem is identifying it.

While I’m crying for our situation, most of the world is laughing at us. Our one party kleptocracy has made Indiana the primary target for ignorant hick jokes. Indiana’s problems are gigantic, but there not insoluble. We can fix this, if we vote, explain the problem to people and keep the faith in restoring democracy.

Don’t lose heart. Remember the old Hoosier adage, an ant can eat a bale of hay, if he does it one bite at a time.

And, I suggest reading the OP/ED BY HOOSIER DAN COATS in the New York Times 


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