The whole idea of having governments was initiated by people and for the benefit of people. But, here in the U.S.A., especially in Indiana U.S.A., all of the benefits of our big government have been hijacked by corporations and the super wealthy.

The ultra wealthy and the big corporations have sold most Americans a big lie called trickle down government. According to this big trickle down lie, the only way to help poor people and working class people is to give all the government money to the wealthy people and to big corporations. And then pray, that these wealthy folks will spill some of the money and it will trickle down on the poor and working class.  

This is a lie and a scam. Help for poor and working class people must be funneled directly to them. When money passes through the hands of the wealthy, as described in the trickle down theory, about 95% gets stolen by the wealthy before any of it gets spilled and trickled on the poor. 

You can’t help the poor and working class by handing money to the already wealthy. Because the wealthy are totally adverse to spilling any of the government money on those below them. Once the wealthy and the corporations get through with a dollar of federal money, they have about 95 cents of it stashed away in overseas tax havens, from hence the money will never see the U.S.A. again, and the poor and working class are left to fight among themselves for the remaining nickel.

Bah Humbug on corporations and those with huge inherited wealth and hurray for the poor and working class. 

Vote for the people and against the corporations. 

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana 

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