Donald J. (Bones Spurs)  TRUMP and KKK VS HARRIET TUBMAN and human rights in America. 

The image of Harriet Tubman was scheduled to ………….


………………………………………….    appear on the front side of the US $20 bill in 2020. Tubman’s image was to replace that of Andrew Jackson on the front side of the currency, and Jackson’s image moved to the back side. 

It didn’t happen, and Donald Trump has contrived to see, that in won’t happen, until Trump is long out of office.

Andrew Jackson was a slave owner, who as president pursued a policy of hunting down and killing native Americans like rabbits to free up land for white expansion in the American southeast. As President, Jackson also authorized the Trail of Tears death march, that began two years after he left office. On the Trail of Tears death march native Americans were herded like cattle from the American southeast to Oklahoma territory to be forcibly resettled. During this forced exodus 4000 native Americans, mostly women, children and the elderly, perished from starvation and the elements.

Harriet Tubman was a union military spy during the US Civil War, an operator of the “Underground Railroad” that helped slaves escape bondage and torture in the slave states of America and a universally recognized human rights hero.

Donald Trump is hailed as a hero by American white supremacists groups such as the KKK, the American Nazi Party  and the Aryan Brotherhood and others of similar racist views.

If you support Donald Trump, you are supporting racism. I don’t think we say that out loud nearly often enough.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana



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