Trump has frozen funding to the US Postal Service. Publicly stating that his goal is to slow down mail delivery, so that absentee ballots can’t be delivered within the legally mandated time limit to be counted in the November election. Trump has openly said, he’s doing ………………. 








…………………doing this because absentee ballots, mostly from the elderly, sick, disabled and physically isolated always go heavily Democratic, and he wants to suppress that vote.  You can read or listen to video of Trump saying exactly this. Trump’s funding freeze has caused removal of many conveniently located blue mail drop boxes. It has already caused work force cuts within the USPS and removal of some mail sorting machines from USPS facilities. Trump, also says, no overtime is to be paid for the extra volume of election mail. Ask Sen Mike Braun, Trump’s biggest cheerleader about all this. (202) 224-4814  You can stop Trump’s election cheating and support military vets at the same time, since the USPS is America’s single biggest employer of military vets, bar none. And, most disabled war vets receive their meds from VA through the USPS.


All around America, concerned voters are buying extra stamps to help the USPS weather Trump’s attack. Money spent on stamps goes directly to the Postal Service, totally out of Trump’s reach. Stamps are always needed, and unlike money, today’s “Forever” stamps are inflation proof. These Forever Stamps can be used to mail letters forever at no extra cost, regardless of any future postal rate increases. Buy extra stamps today. Foil Trump, help the good Ol’ American Post Office and support military vets. All by spending money, you will be spending anyway. To buy stamps from the comfort of home, google the website for the US Postal Service. They also sell other mailing supplies and fun novelty items, there. Stamps make great gifts. 

Congress must act now to remove Mr. DeJoy and secure the funding that the USPS needs so that everyone can vote safely this November and have their vote counted.

Ron Nesler Posting From New Harmony, Indiana

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