I had sworn, as sort of a New Year’s resolution, that I would never again ……….

mention Donald Trump on my blog. But, the son of a bitch just won’t go away. So, rather than talk about Trump, let’s talk about his foremost supporter and advocate, Indiana’s very own US Senator Mike Braun.

No one has given Trump more unquestioning loyalty than Mike Braun. Braun has endorsed every lie Trump has told and openly supported every evil move Trump has made. Nothing from Trump has been too rotten for Mike Braun to embrace. You have to ask yourself why?

Braun is from Jasper Indiana and represents me and the rest of Indiana in the US Senate. He is leading the charge for Trump to overturn our recent presidential election. I’ve watched every move Braun has made since Trump took office.

At first, I thought Braun was just another inbred, rural, Hoosier Redneck; eaten up with stupid. But, that doesn’t hold water. Braun is of at least average IQ. He has bushels of inherited money and has traveled the world. And, Braun is not an uneducated hick. During the years my younger brother and I were both drafted and sent to Vietnam, Braun sat out that ugly old war in college, including a final year at Harvard.

So, Braun’s not stupid and he is not uneducated.  Braun’s trying to help Trump destroy our system, and he’s doing it with a full deck of mental playing cards and way more formal education, than most Americans can ever afford.

When you rule out stupidity and ignorance, the only explanation left for Braun is pure evil.

It is pretty obvious, that if Trump and Braun are successful in overturning the election, Americans won’t stand still for it. Win, lose or draw, Trump and Braun intend to precipitate a bloody civil war. If, they can overturn the election, the only way Trump will be able to govern is through dictatorial force and violence, like his pal Putin in Russia. If they can’t overturn the election, they have domestic terrorists already stirred into action. Either way, Trump is at war against humanity.

Trust me on this, Trump may very well be crazy, but he’s not the stumbling fool he appears to be. And, Braun is not the nitwit Bumpkin he portrays.  Both these guys are smart and both are deadly evil, and they’re out to send the Gestapo to your house, if they win and the domestic terrorists, if they lose. And, I don’t see much chance to stop them. Lots of Germans saw through Hitler, but they still couldn’t stop him from taking power. I think, we’re in the same political train wreck as 1930’s Germany.



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