Wednesday 14th November 2018

Truth and Transparency


Truth and transparency in politics

Edith Hardcastle has truth and transparency in her campaign for the Indiana State Senate District 49 seat.

And,  Edie Hardcastle is eager to have a televised debate with her opponent. With Edith Hardcastle everything is open, above board and out on the table. No tricks, no gimmicks and no secret associations. 

A publicly televised debate among all ………

…………………………… area candidates is being sponsored by the Evansville Courier Press and WNIN public television and radio. It will occur on  Oct. 22 starting at 7:00 PM. It will be live broadcast from the WNIN studios on Evansville’s riverfront. 

Edith Hardcastle’s opponent, Jim Tomes, is the only local candidate, refusing to show up.  (I don’t count Congressman Larry Bucshon, because Bucshon is not a local resident, and flying in from the East Coast for a debate is a lot to ask.) But, Tomes live right here among us.  Tomes SAYS his reason for dodging the debate is, that he has been mocked and made fun of in the pages of the Evansville Courier Press. And, they’re ONE of the sponsors of the debate. Tomes says he was offended by a column of Jon Webbs, that poked fun a Tomes. And, that he didn’t like two my letters to the editor in the C&P.  —– Ron Nesler LETTER #1     —–    Ron Nesler LETTER #2  


I  don’t believe that is the real reason, though. Surely a tough militia guy like Tomes is not that delicate.

I say the REAL reason Tomes won’t debate is, because Tomes has bragged publicly, that he needs military type weapons, just in case he and the other militia guys decide, there is a need to overthrow our federal government. He told me that without stuttering or equivocation.  I am pretty sure, I am not the only one with whom Tomes has shared that radical thought.

If Tomes were pinned down in a public debate about his perceived need to overthrow the federal government, it would be covered by every  media outlet on planet earth. And, Tomes would move up from state laughing stock to national laughing stock. Partly, because it is generally agreed, that Tomes couldn’t overthrow a Troop of Brownie Scouts, much less our federal government.

I believe, I strike much closer to the truth with that explanation, than does Tomes’ weak claim that he won’t debate because his delicate feelings were hurt by Webb and I joking about him. 

 Tomes campaign workers are now attacking Jon Webb and I as being anti second amendment. Not because they know our positions, but because we have both poked fun at Tomes. 

I can’t speak for Jon Webb, but I will wager, that I own more and better quality firearms than Tomes or any of his militia buddies. And, I will guarantee, I have more and better military training and expertise in how to handle those firearms than Space Commander Tomes.

What I DON’T have, that Tomes has,  is switchblade knives, sawed off shotguns, military weapons or the delusion, I may need to overthrow the federal government.

In short, Edith Hardcastle wants you to know, exactly where she stands, but Tomes would much rather voters not know the full story on him.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana




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