Garden variety Trump supporters pretty readily admit that Donald J Trump is a pathological chronic liar. Why then, do they they continue to back him?  Their most common answer by far is ………….






…………………………………….. abortion.


Trump cultists somehow, incredibly despite all evidence to the contrary, believe Donald Trump shares their religious beliefs on abortion. 

As an example, I have a cousin, who says, and I quote, she would happily watch Trump flush our entire nation down the toilet, if that would prevent even one abortion. That’s not logical. It’s not even sane. But, these fanatics are many, and Trump plays them like a finely tuned piano. 

This fixed determination to stop abortion, at any cost whatever, in spite of all laws or morals, frightens and alienates moderate pro abortion people, who might otherwise be willing to talk and make some compromises. There are sane, intelligent reasonable people, who oppose abortion, but they are drowned out by the excited clamor of the extremists, like my cousin. Anti abortion is no longer a debatable issue, it has been made a weapon of political war by the far right extremists, such as Jerry Falwell Jr and Trump. 

If you think Donald Trump and Falwell have moral compunction about abortion, or anything else, your wrong. They’re using their followers.  Both Trump and Falwell would gleefully switch sides on abortion, if that would empower them.  You can write that down as a natural fact.  

America can survive fighting over abortion, fighting over things is part of our system. But, what America can’t survive is abandoning truthfulness as a first principal. Our democratic republic system has no worse enemy than the chronic, brazen, in your face lying from the White House. Trump’s lying sets an example for his followers, he has made lying OK, so long as it advances Trumpism. It’s impossible to have a dialogue with Trump followers, because lying is their default response in any situations, where truth doesn’t match Trump’s teachings.  

Our problems will have to be worked out and solved without these Trump folks, because those, who don’t adhere to truth have no help to offer. Trump doctrine simply does not allow truth telling to interfere with politics. This is new to America. It’s straight out of totalitarian systems like Nazi Germany, Saudi Arabia or Iran, where disputing the Leader is heresy. And, it will destroy America. 

Our form of government needs truthfulness like fire needs oxygen. 

Our founders wrote over and over and over again, that they had created a system of government that required virtue to survive and function. Truthfulness is the primary virtue.  Without protecting and preserving truthfulness, we’re goners as a free republic. Please vote for truth, honor and national dignity, because if Trump wins again, it is all over for the United States as a functional republican government. 


Ron Nesler Posting From New Harmony, Indiana


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