Sunday 17th February 2019

Turkey reproduction


Can you connect the dots connecting the recent Wall Street tumble to our war spending and Trump’s Border Wall?

Everything the Republicans DO, (think war spending) is done on borrowed money. Trump’s stupid border wall will be built on borrowed money. The federal government borrows money by selling BONDS. When the government goes too wild on spending, they have to raise the interest rates on the bonds they sell in order to make the bonds MORE ATTRACTIVE to investors. As the interest rates on the bonds go higher, investors pull their money out of the stock market, and put it into high interest government bonds, which are a Hell of a lot safer than the stock market is. Then what you see is just what is happening NOW. As investors take their money out of the stock market and put into safer high interest government bonds, the stock market falls dramatically.

Come back next week, and I will explain how turkeys reproduce little turkeys.

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