Friday 22nd March 2019

There’s dignity in work


There’s dignity in work. If the worker gets a living wage and a square deal. But, there is no dignity in fat cat corporations getting richer by exploiting powerless workers.

In the state of Alabama the state minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, which is the lowest allowed by federal law. The city of Birmingham, Alabama  wants to raise the minimum wage within the city to $10.10 per hour. To stop this increase in wages by the city of Birmingham, the Alabama state  legislature has created ……….

………………..  the Alabama state  legislature has created a state law that prohibits cities from increasing the minimum wage above that of the state. This state law stopping the cities from increasing their minimum wage above the state minimum is now being CHALLENGED IN COURT. 

As always this is a party line fight, with Democrats wanting to increase the minimum wage, while Republicans fight to keep the minimum wage low to protect employers.  When minimum wage laws give workers at the bottom of the ladder a raise, everyone’s wages go up accordingly, on up that ladder. Increases in minimum wages are good for all workers. 

Indiana workers have an interest in this court case, because Indiana’s state legislature passed a preemption law in 2013 that prevents cities and municipalities from passing a minimum wage higher than the $7.25 floor set by the state.  In Indiana, just like any other state, Democrats favor higher minimum wage, and Republicans oppose increases. Indiana state government is Republican controlled.

Here are some examples of various STATE MINIMUM WAGE LAW CHANGES FOR 2018  around the USA.


Here is a recent article about the EFFECT OF MINIMUM WAGE LAWS ON WORKERS QUALITY OF LIVES in the state of Indiana.


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

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