It is a tough competition, but maybe the very worst most damaging thing Trump has done is abetting WAR CRIMES committed by …………………  



…………………………………………….  rogue US military personnel like Eddie Gallagher.


What could possibly be more destructive of America’s heart and soul, than to have our president defend these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY? It is contrary to everything America stands for. 

I served eight years active duty in the US Army, with 15 months of that in a combat unit in Vietnam. That buys me the right to state an opinion. Trump’s defense of Eddie Gallagher’s war crimes is destructive of America, our military, Christianity and world peace. Trump is an anti American monster.  If you are willing to support Trump in order to pack the Supreme Court, you need to get a tune up for your conscience. 

Gallagher’s fellow soldiers COULD have killed him and covered it up to stop his murderous crimes, instead of turning him in and trusting the military justice system to deal with him as they did. Because of Trump’s evil interference, that is probably how the next Eddie Gallagher will be dealt with by the military. Good soldiers know, when you can’t trust the system, you take justice into your own hands. That is not a step forward for America nor our military. 



Ron Nesler, an old soldier, speaking up for America and common decency from New Harmony, Indiana.



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