Saturday 20th October 2018

We COULD be a nation where …


America could be a nation, where ethical people run for public office. A nation, where tax money is spent on medical care and science instead of war and profiteering. A nation, where the sick and injured see a good doctor, without facing the loss of home or savings to bill collectors.  Where we build bullet trains instead of bombs. We could be a nation, where being anti war is NOT considered unpatriotic. Where the words of our public servants could be 100% trusted. Where lying by public officials is a shocking anomaly, not business as usual and commonly expected. Where blind hatred for fellow humans is looked down on, instead of stirred by politicians. Where human differences are celebrated and embraced instead of being feared and despised. A nation where folks are judged by what comes out of their mouths instead of what goes in.

If you read this, and you think, it is just a bunch of air headed, left wing, esoteric, liberal, Hippy bullshit, then you are part of the problem. I submit to you, that the more human beings fail to be good, the more we suffer. And, when we are not good, we pull innocent people down with us. We, you and I, are the nation and we are the world. Go do  good, and when you see evil, lay into it, like Jesus did with the bankers in the temple. That is all you CAN do, and if you want a decent world, it is what you must do.


Ron Nesler at New Harmony Indiana

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