Folks often ask me, what’s important to you, Ron? 

Wife and family top the list, then come ……….



…………………………………  my cats, peace and quiet, good books, gardening, nature, flowers, trees. All of that stuff is important to me personally and physical surroundings wise.   

But, philosophically speaking, the most important thing to me is that everybody gets a fair shake. I like natural justice. And if you think about it for a moment, nothing is more natural, than  everybody getting  justice and a fair shake. It is injustice, that is unnatural.  

When you see privilege, bullying, greed, discrimination, favoritism and inequality, it’s the work of man, every time. Because, God didn’t start things out to be that way. An equal shake for all is natural and Godly. You very seldom see birds or bees or wild Chimpanzees living off of the labor or suffering of their fellow critters. I guess it happens, but very, very infrequently.

Man invented financial exploitation and the dog eat dog system of living. And, by the way, dogs get a bad rap on that phrase, I’ve never met a dog, who naturally supported dog eat dog. Neither dogs or not God invented exploitation of fellow creatures, injustice and inequality. That comes from the free will of us deeply flawed humans. 

I didn’t grow up Black, Gay or physically deformed. But, I grew up very poor, and that gave me a pretty good sample of what it is like to be treated as less than human.  I cite, as examples,  having experienced actual hunger in the midst of food plenitude and having been grabbed up for the Vietnam war draft, while the rich guys skated.  

If you want to do God’s work and save the world, there is no better way to begin, than to insist on just treatment for everyone, regardless of any condition in which they might find themselves. Jesus talked about that. 

If you are looking for a place, where such Godly justice already exists, I suggest, you look among the poorest of the poor. And, if you’re ever hungry, you’re a Hell of a lot better off asking these poorest of the poor for help, than asking the privileged rich. That, I know from personal experience.  

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana


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