Who ARE Ordinary People?


So Ron, who the Hell ARE these ordinary people, you speak of, anyway? ……………



……………………………………….. Mostly, I mean the class of people, whose families did not get a” GET OUT OF THE DRAFT FREE” card during the Vietnam war. Being Drafted for Vietnam is    proof positiveness of being an ORDINARY PERSON.

There are other identifiers for being an ordinary person, too 

If, you have ever lived in a household, where utilities were disconnected for non payment, you are an ordinary person.

If you or your kids have ever gone without medical or dental care, because you had no money to pay, you are  an ordinary person.

If you have ever had to make a choice between filling a prescription for medicine or buying food, because of not enough money for both, you are an ordinary person. 

If, you are capable of lying, and sometimes do actually lie for survival, but your natural automatic default first reaction is to tell the truth, then you are an ordinary person. 

If you are morally offended and made sick at heart by folks, who chronically lie for personal gain, you are an ordinary person. 

If you occasionally give something away, when you truly need and want it for yourself, because you feel the person you give it to has a greater need for it than yourself, then you are an ordinary person.

If when, you have two apples, and you gift one them to the poor, it is always the best of the two that you give away, then you will probably qualify as an ordinary person. 

If you are shocked and heartbroken, when you see bigotry and greed, cruelty, inhumanity and exploitation of the week, then you are an ordinary person. 

Ordinary people are usually not wealthy and stylish, but you can believe what they say, and you don’t have to worry much about them cheating you at poker or impregnating your daughter and then abandoning he or drafting you or exploiting you with starvation wages.

You can’t attain ordinary person-hood, because of how much money you have have or who your daddy was, you have to EARN being ordinary.    


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana


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