Support Your Brothers and Sisters




When I speak of rich and poor, I am using the following definitions. A rich person is one who can exist on the income from inherited or accumulated wealth without resorting to working for others for wages, salaries commissions or other remunerations for their efforts or energies.

A poor person is ……………………………..

…………………………………………   is one, who depends on the sweat of their brow or brain for their subsistence. If you have a job, and depend on that job to support you, you are a poor person. If six months without a paycheck would make you hungry and/or  homeless, you are a very poor person.

There is the simple difference between rich and poor. I don’t believe in any other financial denominations or divisions. People are either rich or poor as defined above. And, here in the harshness of the “temperate” climate zone,  almost everyone meets the simple definition of poor, while most qualify as very poor. Can you survive six months without a paycheck? Almost no one else around you can either.

Muddying the water about this, is one of the class warfare weapons that rich people use to keep poor people from fighting back.  The rich don’t want poor people to KNOW they are poor. They want the poor to think they are “middle class.” And it works. But wise up, if your survival  depends on some other person writing you a paycheck, you are poor. Don’t let the rich confuse you about that. It is that simple.

I know MANY poor people who would starve to death and be homeless, if they missed getting paychecks for three months in a row. But, these same folks allow their bosses and other rich people to convince them, that they are not actually poor, but are “middle class.” That is pure class warfare bullshit.

Being poor is no disgrace. But, being poor but too poorly informed to realize it is. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Ninety nine percent of the people on this earth are poor. The big secret that the rich are trying to hide from the poor is that all of us poor people are brothers and sisters in God’s eyes. And, that we owe our loyalty to our brothers and sisters, not to the few rich, who have gobbled up all of the wealth for themselves, and thereby control our paychecks.

God wants you to support your brothers and sisters. But first, you must figure out WHO your brothers and sisters are.


Posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana

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