Why is Ron so silly? The simple answer is,  I have read and reread the SERMON ON THE MOUNT, and I agree with lots of it. That’s where I am coming from.

The greatest evil I see in today’s world is the evangelical Christian movement. Those guys push the punitive parts of their own bible about burning almost everyone who ever lived in Hell. But, they ignore the actual red letter words of Jesus about being good. 

We humans, live in a communal society on a small planet, and under our social contract, we have simple straight forward obligations to be good to one another. It is that simple. Just be good. If you don’t keep the social contract, you are an enemy of the people, and you sure are no friend of Jesus, whomever Jesus may or may not be.  

Now, welcome aboard and please follow my coming post for details.  I will make more posts as the mood moves me. In the mean time, get out there and be good to one another and forget about burning most of humanity in Hell. 

Ron Nesler New Harmony Watch