I’ve been reading about an event called the Younger Dryas Impact 

It seems that about 12,800 years ago, the earth and specifically North America was pelted by a group of asteroids or some pieces of an exploding comet or such space debris. This happened right at the tail end of ……………………..





………………………………………………… the earth’s most recent ice age. 

The earth, which had been warming up for a few thousand years, suddenly did a 180 and got cold again. This sudden climate change was caused partly by dust and smoke which obscured the sun for several hundred years. The impact started fires, that some scientists think burned off plant matter about 10% of the earth’s land surface, so the smoke would have been a big deal. Also, this was during an ice age and glaciers covered everything north of about Chicago. The impact threw up and melted enough fresh water from the glaciers, that the run off of the cold fresh water into the oceans stopped the action of the gulf streams for several hundred years and the northern hemisphere lost that source of warming. It got cold as Hell in the northern hemisphere for about a thousand years. 

During this thousand year cold spell, there was a vast extinction of mega fauna (BIG BEASTS) from North America and the Clovis Native American culture vanished. The Clovis people, you’ve probably heard of them, were the most advanced known culture in either North or South America at that time, and until just recently, science mistakenly thought they were the first human inhabitants of the two Americas.

But, at the Younger Dryas event, poof the Clovis people vanished. Either killed by the impact, burned up in the fires or frozen and starved in the centuries long smoke winter. Same with the North American mega fauna, and who knows what else, since most North American archaeological evidence was also destroyed in the cataclysm.  

I probably misunderstand some of this, but I get the basic drift, that it was a monster event, that changed life on earth forever. 

This gets me to thinking, this could happen again any day.  There were not so many people to worry about 12,800 years ago as there are now, but nature is no respecter of human life. The fact that North America and most of the world is teeming with humans makes nature absolutely zero difference. Mother Nature wouldn’t be any more concerned with killing off mankind, that she was about wiping out the dinosaurs. It is our human arrogance that makes us ignore that.

This has been on my mind a lot lately, and I was talking about it with my stepson. He surprised me by already knowing quite a lot about the Younger Dryas cataclysm. He is a store house of information. And he told me a story, that he said was brought to mind by man’s arrogance in not grasping that the Younger Dryas could easily happen again any day now.

The story my son told me was about a group of people at the beach one day. One of the group took off on a high speed jet ski and was, against all odds,  killed when he collided head on with a low flying duck. The other folks in the group were stunned and began to lament his incredible bad luck. One person said, God must have really wanted to get him, to bother to put that duck in just the wrong place at the wrong second. Another of the group commented, that this remark was pure human arrogance, how can you just automatically assume, that it wasn’t THE DUCK that God was after?  



Ron Nesler Posting From New Harmony, Indiana




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